The amended instructions to architects in connection with the new Town Hall have been issued.  The schedule of particulars provides that the facing of the external walls be built of local hard blue stone, with freestone dressings, and other stone may be used for ornamental work that the designer may think fit.

The principle entrance to the Town Hall is to be from Meadow road, and the principle storey is to be elevated so as to admit of a storey being underneath, to form the ground floor, which is to be 18 inches above the pavement in Meadow road.   The accommodation to be provided consists of a Town Hall, 100ft. by 55ft., with the necessary ante, retiring, and cloak rooms; a police court, about 50ft. by 30ft.; Magistrates’ private room and grand jury room, about 20ft. by 16ft.; robing room for counsel and solicitors; jury room; waiting and witness room; residence (four rooms) for a constable; police superintendents office; waiting and day room; store room ( for stolen property, &c); eight cells in watch house for night’ charges, and eight detention cells for prisoners; room for two fire engines, and room for men on duty; and an open space, with a suitable position for fire escape.   In addition to the above there is to be a council chamber, about 40ft. by 20ft.; also offices for the Town Clerk, the Borough Surveyor, the rate collectors; a room for the inspector of Weights and Measures; fire proof strong rooms; and store rooms.

The cost of the building is not to exceed £18,000, exclusive of the foundations, for which a further sum of £2,000 is allowed.   The designs are to be sent in on or before the 22nd April, and premiums of £100, £50, and £25 respectively, are offered for the three most approved designs, which are to become the property of the corporation.


Hastings and St Leonards news

Friday, March 16th 1875