A potted history of the Cinema De-Luxe, Hastings.   Located on the sea front in Hastings, East Sussex. The Empire Theatre of Varieties was opened on 2nd April 1899 with Marie Lloyd topping the bill. It was designed by noted theatre architect M. Ernest Runtz. The auditorium runs parallel behind the 131 feet wide façade. … [Read more…]

Hastings & St Leonards up in the air!

Here we are! a new site to view containing many local pictures never seen before of Hastings & St Leonards from this angle, they are all modern but taken from 100 feet up in the air from an East Sussex Fire and Rescue turntable ladder back in 1999/2000. The photo’s will not be in any … [Read more…]

Southern Water Storm Tunnel.

I was given exclusive access to the works when pushing a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) under Hastings & St Leonards from the very start and took many pictures in the process. I was also asked to take video’s for the Emergency services, Fire & Ambulance (Police weren’t involved) whilst carrying out a simulated rescue from deep down … [Read more…]


Hastings Station History. The first train arrived at Hastings station in 1851 and with it began Hastings’ heyday. The station was originally V-shaped allowing the two railway companies to have separate platforms and booking areas: one side for SER trains to pass through and the other as a terminal for LBSCR services. The whole station … [Read more…]


THE NEW TOWN HALL The amended instructions to architects in connection with the new Town Hall have been issued.  The schedule of particulars provides that the facing of the external walls be built of local hard blue stone, with freestone dressings, and other stone may be used for ornamental work that the designer may think … [Read more…]


Railway Jack.   In your newspaper insert I beg, Lines from a poor dog who has lost his leg. I wrote before in prose; this second time I’ll add some more particulars in rhyme. Not that my former narrative has failed. But a wag said t’was, like myself, cur tailed. My mother lived at Lewes … [Read more…]


  RAILWAY FOR THE WEST HILL.   To the Editor of the Observer Sir, – Your valuable paper is the only medium through which we can make known our grievances. The residents of the West Hill were denied the privilege accorded by the Railway Company to the towns and villages 20 and 30 miles away, … [Read more…]

Humorous clips taken from local newspapers.

 PIECES OF HUMOUR FROM TIMES PAST STUMBLED ACROSS WHILST SEARCHING OTHER ITEMS.   POLICE INCIVILITY.   Sir,- Will you through the medium of your paper, kindly allow me to bring before the notice of your readers the following incident? On Monday evening last, about nine o’clock there was some disturbance caused by a number of young … [Read more…]


We took this word for word directly from a newspaper article. Nothing added or taken away just as printed!   A Visitor’s Impression of Hastings. In 1884. On a recent occasion we made up our mind to leave the roar, din, and bustle of city life, and take change. When a child, struggling how to … [Read more…]


The west end of St Leonards was the location for a miniature tram circuit, but all was not well in the camp!   THE MINIATURE TRAMS ON THE SEAFRONT.   By the spring of 1951, most of the equipment at Barnet was ready for transporting to St Leonards Promenade, Hastings.  So Claude Lane and his … [Read more…]