Tramways at last

TRAMWAYS AT LAST. FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES OVERCOME ONLY WAITING FOR THE RAILS. WORK WILL PROBABLY COMMENCE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. GOOD NEWS FOR THE UNEMPLOYED. November 1904 Parliamentary Notices appearing in our advertising columns today show that the Tramways question at Hastings is now rapidly making headway and that at last there is real reason for expecting a … [Read more…]

Open space at Ore

Open Space at Ore The Housing and Improvements Committee reported that they had a letter from Messrs. Thorpe, Meadows and Pearson, stating that the owner of the piece of land on the north side of Old London road adjoining the building formerly known as the ‘Princess Cinema’* was prepared to offer the land to the … [Read more…]

Re-Naming the streets!

RE-NAMING OF STREETS. LETTER TO THE EDITOR. January 24th 1903 Sir, -I take it for granted that Mr. Pain will forgive me for the annotating his descriptive history of the town evoked by the Council’s resolution to the re-name and re-number several of its districts, and which appeared in a recent issue of your paper. … [Read more…]

Tramways Bill Presented to Parliament.

A Bill presented to Parliament for permission to construct an Electric Tramway in Hastings. May 1899.   Lord Loch’s Committee of the House of Lords have thrown out the Hastings Corporation Tramways Bill, the object of which was to enable the Corporation to construct tramways in the borough and to work them by electricity.  Several … [Read more…]

Dolter Stud Contact System

DOLTER STUD SYSTEM Under the heading “The Dangers of electro-Magnetism for Tramways.”  ‘The street,’ an illustrated weekly journal published in London, has some remarks of very considerable interest to Hastings. We cannot find space to reproduce the whole article, but we may state that it opens with a declaration that the early defects in general … [Read more…]

Dolter System in Consideration.

Trams and the new Dolter Surface Stud Contact System In Consideration. Hastings being the last to adopt a stud system.   At the Swansea Town Hall, some three months ago, an exhibition of the Dolter Surface Contact Tramway system was given by means of the same model which was shown in Hastings a short time … [Read more…]

Tram Cars along the Sea-Front

Tram Cars Along The Sea Front. A Suggestion For The Opposition Committee. Fruits Of Blind Partisanship. (Written By An Unknown Correspondent) 1902 We have received this week the following interesting letter dealing with the suggestion made in our columns last week , that a conference might be arranged  between the advocates of tramways and their … [Read more…]

Trams Dolter Stud System 1902.

The Dolter Surface Contact Tramway System. Exhibited in Hastings. Interview with the Inventor. October 1902   “Trams” being the most burning question of the day in local politics, and one of the main issues of the coming Municipal Elections, the exhibition of the new method of electric traction has excited considerable interest among the towns … [Read more…]

Hastings Trams

Hastings Tramways Company 1909 How the organisation is worked A peep behind the scenes Whatever form it takes, a public supply company must necessarily be a big concern. Few people, however, probably realise what a vast amount of labour the working of such an undertaking as the Hastings Tramways system involves, or the many ramifications … [Read more…]