Open space at Ore

Open Space at Ore

The Housing and Improvements Committee reported that they had a letter from Messrs. Thorpe, Meadows and Pearson, stating that the owner of the piece of land on the north side of Old London road adjoining the building formerly known as the ‘Princess Cinema’* was prepared to offer the land to the Corporation as a free gift as use as an open space for the benefit of the inhabitants of the district, subject to the following restrictions and obligations:

(1) to properly fence and maintain the fencing.

(2) to leave a passage or space not less than 3 feet wide as a means of communication for the owners and occupiers of certain houses situated to the eastward of the land between Old London road and the passage at the rear of those properties.

(3) to pay a fair and reasonable proportion according to the extent of frontage of making up and maintaining the 10ft roadway, and to erect and maintain a pale fence not less than 5ft high on the north side of the land, and,

(4) the Council to be required to preserve the land for ever as an open space and not to do or suffer to be done to anything thereon which might become a nuisance or annoyance to the neighbourhood; and pointing out that the fence is at present in course of erection by the owner, and that he would be prepared to pay his own legal expenses.

The Committee recommended the offer be accepted, with the best thanks.

Taken from a Council report dated July 1923

*The Princess Cinema is to where the Salvation Army Hall is now.


Obviously the Council failed in many aspects to maintain the open land as required by the words dictated on the deeds, but have got away with penalties imposed!