Hastings & St Leonards up in the air!

Here we are! a new site to view containing many local pictures never seen before of Hastings & St Leonards from this angle, they are all modern but taken from 100 feet up in the air from an East Sussex Fire and Rescue turntable ladder back in 1999/2000.

The photo’s will not be in any order as such, but you can have a guess to where they are, some are very easy, whilst others are not quite so, but many of you will recognise some are without captions.

By Clicking on the picture of your choice you will have a caption displayed at the bottom.

Please take into consideration when viewing that these were taken some 100 feet in the air and sometimes very windy, whereby the ladders swayed about quite a lot. Also the photos were taken on wet film with a telephoto lens, and often had to reload the camera up in the sky.

Here are a few more added as of August 2nd 2016.

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My sincere thanks must go to ‘Green Watch’ (Watch Commander) Stn 8 Hastings for the use of the crew and TL during operational hours over a 2 year period, and to ‘East Sussex Fire & Rescue’ for their extreme permission. Thank you.

All Pictures are exclusively 

Copyright ©Richard Pollard 2017

Fishing quarters

Looking up All Saints Street

Looking up the Bourne Road

Looking East along Castle Street

Hastings Town Centre

Looking up Cambridge Road

Silverhill, taken from what was Marshall Tufflex old site, Now Asda.

Silverhill shops

Hornty Park

Hornty Park under construction

New road access to Hornty Park

Priory Road

St Helens Hospital site all gone now houses

Old Hillcrest School Rye Road

Down Rye Road

Looking across to the ill fated Power Station

After the fire damage

Part of Little Ridge

Coach and Lorry park Old Town

Rock-a-Nore (1)

Caves Road and Grosvenor Crescent

The Cliffs behind Caves Road

Rock-a-Nore (4)

Grosvenor Gardens

Hastings Railway Station

Was Safeways, now Morrisons Supermarket

View of the Old Town

Top of High Street

Top of High Street (2)

Looking down the Bourne

St Helens Road (2)

St Helens Road and the Railway bridge

St Helens Road (2)

Looking across the Ore Valley from Collier Road

Priory Meadow

Looking across lower Clive vale

Looking up Old London Road and Harold Road

Old St Helns Hospital site (2)

Old St Helens Hospital site

Houses being built on the old St Helens Hospital site

Up the Bexhill line behind Bexhill Road

Warrior Square 2001

Top of Warrior Square 2001

Hastings Railway Station 2001

Taken from station car park 2001

Taken from Station car park again in 2001

Business centre off station car park in 2001

The TL from which all the picture were taken at Hastings. The one on the left was a spare!



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