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‘George Wood’ pictures, all dating from 1894.

One of Hastings most famous photographers of the time.

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1-1  This could be a fruit and nut stall.


2-2  All waiting to see to how much the fish will be sold for.


3-3  Not many left here are there!!


4-4  In the background to the left a band is playing.


5-7  Disembarking from the Albertine Yacht.


6-8  Heaving a smaller pleasure boat ashore.


7-9  The Health & Safety inspector must have taken the day off here!!


8-10  George Wood’s Daughter was in many of his photo’s, also his wife.


9-11  Blocking her up as she comes ashore.


10-12  Now then! there’s room for everyone if you squeeze in!


11-13  Coming ashore after a trip out at sea.


12-14  A good helping hand is all that’s needed here!


13-15  The Skylark and Albertine side by side.


14-16  Come on love give us your hand.


15-17  What a performance getting off in such a long dress, as granny found out!


16-18  Steady as you go dear!


17-19  How was the trip ?


18-22  Time for a breather before the next trip.


19-23  I really don’t feel very steady here!!!


20-25  George Woods Daughter in the boat along with an Ice Cream seller.


21-26  A beach shell fish seller ?


22-27  Same person.


23-28 An early beach entertainer, probably a ventriloquist.


24-29  Telling a yarn or two.


25-31  This is t Rye Bay. George Wood took photo’s not only of Hastings but along the coast and inland too as you will see later on.


27-33  All sails to the wind.


28-34  The Albertine being hauled ashore on the wooden skids.


29-35  The Albertine preparing to come ashore.


30-36  All hands to the ropes.


39-45  Another beach photographer and his mobile dark room. Prints whilst you waited………and waited…….and waited!


40-46  Mr. Westbrook and his mobile dark room.


41-49  Always time for a chat beside the lifeboat house.


42-50  Punch & Judy Children’s performer at what we knew as Splash Point White Rock. Remember this 1894.


43-51  Two old ladies on the beach by the Albertine having a chat.


44-52  Some scalawags having some fun entrusted with a child in the perambulator.


45-54  An entertainer with a singing bird (probably a Canary) at Harold Place.


58-67  And just what you two been up to?


59-68  Mum helps the children build a sand castle.


60-69  Come on follow me the water might be cold but it will do you good!


61-70  That sun is bright today Emily ?


62-71  Don’t be frightened go for a paddle like the others, Oh, you haven’t a clue what we are doing under a black cloth draped over our head have you?


63-72  I’ll just sit on this boat as I mustn’t get my shoes wet!


64-73  Come and buy my goods, or have your boots cleaned, but don’t look at my ankles….Ok!


66-75   More sellers on the beach.


67-76  Looks like sea sponges for sale at Beach Parade.


68-77  More stalls selling goods.


69-78  Yet more products for sale!


70-80  On Hastings Pier.


71-81  At the junction of St Helens Road and Elphinstone Road 1894.


72-83  Now this beach entertainer could be a puppeteer or conjurer, don’t know if either are correct, but he hasn’t drawn a crowd!!


74-85  A blind pianist entertaining the public.  Now this could of even been a hurdy-gurdy piano, where you turned the handle to play music from a punched continuous roll sheet? (But I could be totally wrong!!)


75-86  Net mending.


76-87  A boot cleaner with no legs polishing someone else’s boots, whilst another crippled gent stands by.


77-88  A gathering on the beach.


78-89  Just passing the time of day.


79-90  More goods for sale to whoever wants them!


80-91  The East Well at Rock-a-Nore. WASTE NOT WANT NOT!
















88-99   Boiling up some shrimps on the beach!


89-100  A street entertainer with her singing birds.


90-101  Waiting to board what looks like the Albertine as the Skylark always sat behind her.


91-102  Talking to a beach photographer.


99-110  Nothing quite like playing in a muddy puddle!


100-111  I don’t know what they caught but it was certainly worth their while putting it in a tin! Mud, Mud and even more mud. I bet they were loved when they got home!


101-112  St Helens Church on the Ridge, the road looks nothing like this today.


102-114  A right load of little urchins entrusted in looking after a little one in a perambulator.


103-115  A rather rough sea at Carlise Villas.


105-117  Another person probably selling either toffee apples or Ice Cream.


106-118  Anything to make a few coppers by selling cups of tea and a bun on the beach. Watch out for the Seagulls, they’ll have it before you do!


107-119  Looks as if the lad has a sight impairment, but he is still trying to sail his yacht.


108-120  A fish hawker on the front.


109-121  An old tramp just taking in the good weather.


110-122  One of the many horses used to wind up the capstans.


111-123  A young lad talking to a tramp looking at some papers work, surprising really as many older person was totally unable to read or write then, this was 1894.


112-124  Just 3 older gents sitting beside the lifeboat house watching the world go by.


113-126  Two flower sellers in Harold Place.


115-130  George Woods own family taken up onto the East Hill for a family photo in the snow! I bet they were all pleased about that!




117-132  Keep all on moving otherwise you will freeze!


118-133  A game of football on the cricket ground.






122-137   No wonder that the ball won’t go in the goal, there are too many trying to stop it!




120-135  Dancing at the entrance to Cambridge Road.  The building you see on the corner is today the sweet and newspaper shop.


124-139  Having a chat on the fore shore.


125-140  Having a sort out.


126-141  Fish hanging dabs out to dry.


127-142  Waiting for the next batch of fish.


128-143  Probably packing the barrels with fish.


129-144  Packing fish into boxes.


130-145  The fishermen once ruled the stade, that was their domain, but no longer!


131-146  Packing fish in boxes.


132-147  Fish packed in barrels and sealed ready for market.


133-148  I somehow or other don’t think that they use the boat behind as it was used to store the empty barrels.


134-149  A busy trading area at the stade.


135-150 A flower seller outside the Palace Hotel opposite the Hastings Pier.  (The Palace Hotel is now home to Waverly Court)


136-152  Well, that’s done for another day lads!


137-154  Just one of the giant horses used to work around the beach, some were used not only on the capstans, but in pulling small pleasure boats out of the water with ropes tied to them.


138-155  Hey! watch it lads you are probably treading on shrimps, that’s what I have the net for!


139-156  George Woods family in conference at the end of Robertson Street.


140-158  Looks as if granddad is taking his young grandson for a walk, no he won’t use the stick he is carrying on him!!!  Looks very similar location to Beach Terrace?


141-160  Net mending tied to a capstan base.


142-161  Looks like I’ve  found the whole!


143-162  Playing on the old outlet pipe at Harold Place next to the Albertine.


144-165  Must be a competition to who can find the biggest space available, with crowds looking on from the parade.  There is more than likely a beach entertainer performing between us and the yacht.


145-166  People on Hastings Pier more than likely booking tickets for a performance later.


146-167  No! it’s not a glass hurst but someone selling singing canary’s from a vehicle not unfamiliar to what knew as a glass hurst, mind you, someone might have lent him this as trade was poor?


147-168  There has to be a performer or even a small religious service held here for all the crowds to gather in their hundreds. It certainly won’t be an Ice Cream seller as he would run out in seconds!


148-169  Now here’s that poor old horse pulling a small pleasure boat out into the water.


149-170  Well, their in the water now what? Who’s getting the wettest?


150-171  I’ll tell you what, you mends the nets and l’ll take a rest,OK!


151-172  We’ll just sit here waiting for customers.


152-173  OK lads, lets just pull here up further away from the waters edge.


153-174  Something very interesting going on in the boat, perhaps they have sprung a leak and it’s sinking on the sand!!


154-175  Making repairs to the sails.


155-176  Look! this net is full of holes, wasn’t like this when we went to sea earlier……………..Was it?


156-177  Nearly all sorted.


157-178  Looks like a bit of boat mending.


158-179  All looking secure on a yacht, lovely day for a sailing!!


159-180  Doing a bit of boat maintenance.


160-181  Tidying up the decks now they are on dry land.


161-182  That’s not a barrel of contraband is it? No, its one of the floats used on the nets, I hope!


164-186  Whilst mending nets they chat about anything and everything!


189-211  The catch being sold off and taken away in baskets.


190-212  Selling fish at the stade.


191-213   The catch laid out on the beach.


192-214  Working out a price!


193-215    More net mending.


194-216   Right! Let’s see what you’ve got then!


195-217   Looks as if dinner is nearly ready! Boiling up shrimps.


196-218   Emptying the boat of their catch whilst the children look on.


197-219  Playing around between the rocks for small crabs and alike, even the adults can do what the little one can do as well………….Get wet!!


198-221    All around to sort the fish.


199-222   Still picking up the small fry and putting them into the bucket, nothing ever gets wasted with fish.  Fish was a good diet for the Victorians and even the Edwardian’s later on.


200-223  One of the few seaside display men who make models of various buildings of distinction  and show them around different coastal resorts. Obviously, this is St Pauls in London.


201-224  Here we have again George Woods own family posing for a picture on the landing jetty under the pier.


202-225  Surprise! It’s the family again!


203-226  Well! I suppose a back view of the family is a change!!


204-227  No! not again surely!


206-229  What looks like a performing dog, that was asked (somehow!) to find a certain object of which it does.


207-230  Has he found it?


208-231  I would probably say, Yes! He has.


209-232   These three don’t look too impressed with the goods for sale.


210-233  Now there’s a paying gent.


211-234  A nice gathering in Harold Place.


212-235  Now them, let’s see if I can mend your yacht!


213-236  Having a friendly play on one of the boats.


214-237  Hello again Miss Wood!


215-238  I did say i could mend it didn’t i? Just because i’m wearing a navy uniform don’t mean i’m an expert!


216-239  I really don’t know what to talk about!


217-240  We can all swing on ropes, can’t we?


218-241  If I sit on this very uncomfortable anchor I will tell you a story, ouch!


219-242  I know it says no fires to be lit on the beach! But this is fun!!


220-243  Do you think it will make France by the morning?


221-244  How much do we get paid for sitting here and getting very bored in the process?


222-245  Yep! still there anchored to the spot.


223-246  Mum said go and hang the washing out on the beach…….OK!


224-247  Just walking the shore line.


225-248  The sea is getting slightly choppy!


226-249  Low tide.


227-250  Coming ashore.


228-251  Getting nearer.


229-252  Pulling in the last of the catch before we reach shore.


230-253  Looks as if they all have the same idea.


231-254  All safely ashore.


232-255  Now to see what catch they all have.


236-259  Now all we have to do before we can go home is to sort out these ere nets!


237-260  A catch tipped onto the stade for inspection.


238-261  Sorting all the different fish out.


239-262  Now there’s fish for you…………….Does this exceed the EU rules??


240-263  Quick let’s get all this fish out of the way before the EU Fisheries inspector see’s it!


241-264  And the piles of fish still keep coming.


242-265  All the fish off to market.


243-266  Packing fish into boxes ready to be shipped to where ever!


244-267  All we have to do now is sort out the nets ready for the next catch.


245-268  And to market we do go!


246-269  OK, Now the bidding starts!


247-270  And what do you bid me?  George Wood’s daughter gets into nearly all his pictures!


248-271  I suppose we had better fill in some of these ere holes!


249-272  A little bit of boat repairs.


250-273  Well, what shall be talk about today lads?


251-274  Still tending to their nets.


252-275  Yep, with the aid of this draw knife and a hand saw we can tackle anything, as long as we keep them sharp that is!


253-276  I don’t mind watching you mend the nets, saves me a job!!


254-278  Women’s whispers!!


255-279  Shooooooosh, don’t tell anyone?


256-280  Again the same old job, either repairing or making nets now on dry land.  Most fishermen made nets especially to sell as bird nets, or their old ones!


257-283  All the fish gone and now nothing to do other than sit in the sun for the rest of the day.


258-284  You keep looking and one day you will be able to mend the nets for me!


259-286  Now then, keep watching what I do and you can do the rest, including you Miss Wood!


260-288  Well lads, all we have to do now is stow the nets!


261-289  You can either buy from the stall or me here on the ground!


262-291  All the barrels are filled with fish and are now being sealed with a cloth top, secured by a wooden ring fastened around the top.


263-292  Well in my day!!


264-293  All at leisure.


265-294  Now these are all fresh only caught today.


266-295  Ere, look at that, my sea boots have got a hole in them, and to think I paid 2/6d for them 3 years ago, don’t last long do they?


267-297  checking out the nets.


268-298  This is the remains of the old Elizabethan harbour of about 1897.


269-299  Now the tide is about to cover the timbers.



277-307  Watching the net mending or the making of new!


278-308  More net mending.


279-309  In between fishing they set to work on making bird nets for general sale.


280-310  The same as before but from the other side.


282-312  As before.


283-313  This is obviously the New Sklark under some repair work, it would appear that one of the masts and rudder are being attended to!


284-314  Ere, you aint half got some holes in that net!!


285-315  Again still checking the nets.


286-316  Well you see it’s like this…..If you can’t catch fish in the nets you just shoot them!!




288-318  Interesting job just watching to how you mend your nets, I might be able to do some one day!!


289-319  A toffee apple seller.


290-320  Ice creams as well as toffee apples for sale.


291-321  Yet another ice cream seller.


292-322  Old London Road from the Market Cross.


293-323  (Dolby Dine as he was known by many) Or William Dine to others the hairdresser in All Saints Street.  Looks as if he is looking for more customers!


294-324  Flower sellers on the beach.


295-325  Attaching cork floats to the nets.


296-326  A lady artist in either Exmouth Place or Hill Street using charcoal as a painting medium.


297-327  Just watching the small waves breaking against the side of the groyne at Rock-a-Nore.


298-328  Still mending their nets.


299-329  This is how it’s done! But hold onto your hats in this wind.


300-330  A nice day at the beach for granny in the invalid carriage.




302-332  Just come ashore.


303-333  Yes! that looks like a fish to me!


304-334  Sorting out something, don’t look like a big catch to me!


305-335  Well! I give up looking.


306-336  Clambering around in the boat.


310-340  A little time with the youngest ones.


311-341  A rough sea at Rock-a-Nore.


312-342  Another family gathering, and one wife is mending the nets whilst grandpa is looking on.


313-343  An old timer having a smoke on his pipe.


314-344  Giving the dog a good talking to.  This might have been in Brede!


317-347  Could have well been a christening at Ore Church, or a family service.


320-350  On the Green at Battle.


324-355  No! it’s not Billy the Tub Man, just a couple of lads messing around just like Billy used to do, but I bet they couldn’t stand on the rim without falling off!


325-357  Teaching someone to swim.


326-358  The Lifeboat coming back after a call.


327-360  Looks as if someone had been rescued.


328-362  Sorting out the nets in readiness for the next catch.


329-363  Bringing the boat ashore onto the skids.


330-364  Looks very much like she has been left high and dry, one yacht marooned until high tide!


331-365  Go on my son, it is empty you know!


332-366  From this angle it looks as if she has been in collision with another vessel by the damage to the port bow! Hence the reason as to why it was probably beached.


333-367  What a catch today!


334-368  Looking around for the small fry left behind.


335-369  Quite a catch here!


336-370  Getting everything ashore onto dry land.


337-371  Still gathering up the catch.


338-372  Still at it!  Have you noticed in all these pictures that have got masses of fish lying on the beach that there’s not one SEA GULL to be seen any where……..Is it that they hadn’t been invented then?? Because they sure make up for it today!


339-373  Having a some what painful walk across the rocks!


340-374  Look! you take off your boots off and I will keep mine on!


341-375  And to what are you looking at my girl?


342-376  Well ! That’s yet another day over with.


343-377  Day after day, we mend the nets and stow them away to dry only to do the same the next day!


344-378  Sorting out the cork floats.


349-384  Pushing the boat out.


350-385  Time for the family on the beach.


351-386  A little help in pushing the small craft out.


352-387  OK!  we’ve been out and now come ashore, but I can’t get me boots wet, so you best carry me to dry land!


353-389  Some rough weather coming on the horizon!


354-390  Always something to do with the nets.


355-391  Blowing up rough at splash point!


356-392  Playing with his spinning top on White Rock Parade.


357-395  Hey! What have we got here, not another beach photographer?


358-396  What are you collecting lads?


359-535  Tuck em in girls!


360-536  What a lovely day for a paddle?


361-537  Yep! even gran does the same!


362-538  Not much water here where we are!


363-539  Having such a wonderful time!


364-540  Just a bit nearer then we all get wet!


365-541  I knew if we stood here long enough the water would come to us!


366-542  Go on, put both feet in, it’s only water!


367-543  This is fun!!!


368-544  Don’t cry your tears will flood the ocean!


369-545  Do you think we did the right thing in having a paddle, well I suppose its cheaper than a bath!!


370-546  You stand there too long it’s not only your feet that will get wet!!


371-547  Have you got him??


373-549  Just love the bloomers gran!!


374-550  Lets all go downs the Strand!! Oh no! lets all go for a paddle instead!


375-552  Don’t be too nervous son, look granny doing it!


376-553  Play nicely, and throw water over me or your sisters!


377-554  Got any soap!


378-555  How long you going to be! these ere pebbles don’t half hurt your feet just standing on them!


379-559  What have you caught boys?………………….Nothing!


380-560  Looks like a mothers union meeting!


381-561  When I go in you follow!!


382-562  Now he’s made me stand here instead, and they still hurt!!


383-564  To have a paddle you are supposed to remove your boots first!!


384-565  Watch out for that wave!


385-566  Not so bad after all was it?


386-567  Another gathering having a paddle!


387-568  Well! I’ll try it just this once!


388-569  Not so bad after all!


389-570  Oh dear I think I need to get out, you know why?


390-571  Hey! this water is wet!!!


391-573  A pleasure yacht coming ashore.


392-574  Look out! I think there’s a whale there!


393-575  Another feet washing session completed!


394-576  If we dig here will we reach France by supper time?


395-577  Miss Wood’s you have clean feet!


396-578  I don’t know if it’s my eye sight, but the shore is some way back now!


397-579  Oh my dear, what lovely bloomers you have!!


398-580  Steady on girl not quite so high……..Please!


399-581  Stop looking at me!


400-582  Now why is she wearing a boys cap??


401-583  I’ve got wet knickers mum!


402-586  Has any one thought to tell granny that you take your boots OFF to have a paddle!


403-587  Now are you coming or not?



404-588  Now look, every one wants to join us!


405-589  I thought she was wearing a deck chair at first sight.


406-590  I really don’t know why we are all in the water at the same time.


407-591  I know we are smiling, but we really don’t like it much!


408-592  Don’t go out too far will you?


409-593  Now I’ve put this shell to my ear I can hear the sea!


410-594  have you heard this one??


411-596  Come on hurry up I look silly wearing your cap!


412-598  Well son! If they can make fun of them selves so can we!


413-600  This is fun, being carried on my sisters back with me boots on!




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