Shortly due to an EU directive we have to change the CONTACT page to conform with a new Data Protection Act which comes into force next month, (May 25th 2018) all of which is going to cost us money. This is to protect your details such as email addresses and names etc., whereby we will no longer be able to store those details on file where others could gain access to them for scam mail etc. All files in the future will have to be securely destroyed after taking action, but we will lose all details there after. The directive states that we should have a DPO (Data Protection Officer) to oversee all this!! But as this expense is going to be prohibitive to us we will probably have to shut down the contact page all together unless we can adopt another method in time; but we are working on this right now!! This will be a sad moment if we have to close the CONTACT pages, as many  of you use this for praise to us and also those who have asked for information or images to help them in a project or college work.  But we are told we MUST comply with this EU directive!

If we don’t comply, there ARE hefty fines imposed!!

To comply with this directive, we are changing the system in a small way. 

You will be asked before using the CONTACT page if you agree to having your details published to us ONLY!

If you disagree you will then leave the CONTACT page without leaving any messages.

This is the easiest way around this problem for the moment.

Your personal details will never be passed on to a third party for what ever reason,

and when answered the emails they will be destroyed permanently!


Your comments on this would be very much appreciated.

(No rude comments please!!)

Thank you to every one that supports the site.