Hollington’s Needs!

Whilst searching the newspapers for some interesting article’s to share, we came across this piece which might tickle the fancy of some of you.  There will be more interesting clips to follow later.



More Light & Better Roads.

Sir – I read in the Observer last Saturday an interesting article entitled “ Hollington’s Needs.”

The totally inadequate Street Lighting has been noticed by Councillor Mrs. Delme Murrey. Hollingtonians have put up with this inconvenience for a long time, and the pressing needs for more light is urgent.  It is so dark in Hollington after lamp-light that people bump into each other while feeling their way along the narrow pavements, and to make things worse the motor traffic put on their head lamps and so add to the discomfort and the danger of the pedestrians.  It is positively dangerous to be after dark in Hollington.

Another need: We want protection from the motor traffic.  During the busy season from Easter onwards the whole length of Battle Road from Silverhill to Mr. Bristow’s garage near the trolley bus turn (and vice-versa) is a terror.  After getting up speed along the flat, from the Police Station to Church Road, this being the most dangerous part of the village, I have seen the motors race up the hill past my house three abreast.  The overtaking, cutting in, and bad driving is appalling.  Sunday is the worst day, and in the evening when they are leaving the town the traffic badly needs Police control.

Now that Councillor Crocker has practically promised a playing field for the children and young people (we don’t aspire to a park), the parents of Hollington have one thing less to worry about, for if the children have a field to play about in they will be kept off the dangerous main road.  It is hoped that this very necessary and inexpensive need will receive the prompt attention it merits.

I could tell you a lot more of what Hollington needs, but fearing I have already written too much, I will only mention the dangerous state of the piece of road from the Victoria Inn to Church Road.  After rain the surface is so slippery that the Council roadmen have to scatter grit, and they have been kept busy lately.  If the roads department cannot put the road in order, at least they might put up a notice warning motorist of the danger, it is needed!


Signed a resident of Battle Road.

January 1930.



I have to add, that I have searched many a record within the Council Minutes and can find nothing to show that any rectification works were ever carried out till at least after the war, a decade later, when for one, the old gas street lighting was replaced for electric to light the streets!

It took a further few years to update the pavements and road surfaces, so you have to say that the Council were on the ball then as they are today!