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A Broderick Card of White Rock in 1910.


A lot of water in the park where it shouldn’t be! Park flooded by constant heavy rain in 1904.


A parade along the seafront celebrating Empire Day 1912.


A rough sea at Carlisle Parade in 1917.


A very nice hand coloured picture of people enjoying themselves on the beach in 1904.


A well patronised band concert at White Rock by night 1911.


Alexandra Park in 1907.


All Saints Street. 1926.


An aerial shot of the beached submarine, town centre and the cricket ground. c1920.


An aerial view of Marina and Marine Court in 1937. (Just prior to war and photographic restrictions)


Aerial view of Warrior Square in 1937. Again just prior to war time restrictions on photography of any kind.


Another hand coloured picture of a tram at White Rock in 1907.


Ashburnham Road at Clive Vale in 1906.


Billy the Tub Man and some others trying it out. c1946.


Carlisle Parade 1916.


Caroline Parade in 1957. (If only it was left like this today!)


Come listen to the band 1928.


Drapers Mill at Silverhill c1902.


Going for a stroll along the raised level of the promenade in 1951.


Harold Place 1917.


Hastings Pier 1907.


Hastings Pier at night taken from White Rock Gardens. The hole below is where the old Hospital had been taken down in readiness to build the White Rock Pavilion. 1926.


Lets all go down onto the beach 1914.


Looking at the top station of the West Hill Lift in 1924.


Looking down onto the old town from off the East Hill in 1911.


Marina St Leonards 1904.


Not so good a picture of the Parade at White Rock. 1912.


Pelham Crescent 1928.


People going about their business around the town centre in 1903.


Pier 1904.


St Leonards Archway 1899.


The massive Tapners Fire in Waterworks Road of 1909.


The Albert Memorial 1917.


The Hospital at White Rock which stood opposite the pier. 1912.


The new bowls pavilion at White Rock Gardens. 1936.


The new promenade Just after completion. 1934.


The now completed promenade. 1935.


The old rotunda Fish Market that stood more or less at the foot of the High Street 1916. The area is now the car park in front of the fish and chip shop and Hastings Wall flats.


The old wheeled bathing huts are now replaced by portable ones, you now walk into the sea from your changing hut where ever it is or be carried! 1928.


The sea hammering the promenade at splash point in a storm of 1914.


The sea washing down Harold Place on an extremely high tide pushed by a strong southerly wind on November 4th 1904.


The sun area opposite Warrior Square. 1937.


The top level of the raised promenade (Bottle Alley underneath) 1954.


This one is another aerial view of Warrior Square, but owning to all the blown up pixels tells us this might be a copy from a newspaper! Dated 1935.


Trams at the Memorial 1906.


Unfortunately, this again is a grainy picture showing children playing in the road at the foot of All Saints Street around 1910.


Warrior Square gardens in 1953.


White Rock 1930.


All Saints Street 1916.


Silverlands School Junction of Paynton Road and Sedlescombe Road North. 1900.


Bottom end of All Saints Street 1901. Sorry about the clarity of the picture!


A different view of the Fish Market in 1902.


Again the clarity is not so good as with some others shown here, but this is of course White Rock in 1903.


Hill Street in 1905.


St Clements Church 1911.

St Clements Church.
It is said that the cannon ball to the right of the tower window was fired                                                                                                                                                                                                                                by a Dutch warship in the 17th century and that a cement one was added                                                                                                                                                                                                                             on the left hand side to match it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  True story.


Looking down on the stade area from the West Hill in 1910.


Not a good day to walk on the pier! 1911.


Again, at the bottom end of All saints Street in 1917. Notice that the Salvation Army had a place there as meeting rooms.


East Hill House on Tackleway in 1924.


Not again I hear you say!! All Saints Street bottom end in 1927. (Quite a popular location!!)


Just as the description states. 1936. (Sorry about the spiders web, but this was on the print).


Just as the caption states. 1947.


The wonderful floral clock in White Rock Gardens in 1952. With the Fairy Gardens in the background.


Trolley buses waiting at the Cemetery top of Elphinstone Road. 1954. Which was also a turning point.


The Fishermen’s Church of St Nicholas in 1963. Now the Fishermen’s Museum.


The Queens Hotel in 1965.


A busy All Saints Street in 1921.




Courthouse Street 1920.


Ebenezer Road 1922.


Eversfield Place 1905.


George Street 1904.


High Street 1898.


High Street 1903. (Sorry yet again for the clarity).


Hill Street 1903.


Lifeboat Station 1894.


Looking across the Old Town from East Hill 1885.


Police Station High Street 1854. What was the Old Town Museum.


Rock-a-Nore 1933.


Royal Standard East Beach Street 1925.


The new bridge at Queens Road in 1912.


Tackle Way 1885.


Taken from the Queens Hotel in 1917.


The George Inn All Saints Street 1906.


The Old Town from the West Hill 1936.


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