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White Rock at what was commonly known as ‘Splash Point’ in 1904.


The boats in the Alexandra Park in 1910.


White Rock again, showing the pier entrance and the old Sanatorium, also horse drawn coaches parked up by the roadside. 1911.


Grand Parade 1928. (No sign of Marine Court here! as this wasn’t built until the mid 1930s).


At the bottom of London Road St Leonards in 1929.  (Still no Marine Court!).


Bottle Alley a s seen from the beach in 1935.


The new sun terrace at St Leonards. 1936.


Again the Sun Terrace in 1952.  (Yep! Marine Court is now with us).


A nice view down onto the Old Town from the East Hill in 1954, and look! a coach and car park, now that is history!!


An aerial shot of the seafront in 1932.


Bottle Alley not long after completion. But no sliding screens installed as yet. 1936.


Pelham Place as it was in c1957, Oh, if it was only left at this now!


How many YOUNG lovers can you get on the seat. 1908. (Don’t see many Young Lovers there can you?)


Is this your house. 178 Edmund Road 1919.


On Hastings Pier, although dated 1960 I feel that this might be slightly later like 1965. Any comments?


Thought that you might have liked a train ride. This shows an express on route to London from St Leonards in 1930.


Same train just leaving West St Leonards Station in 1930.


Looks like a well looked after Pelham Crescent in 1907.


Holy Trinity Church Showing the shops in Trinity Street. 1905.


This was the interior of St Leonards Parish Church as it was before it was destroyed in WWII.


Taken from a glass lantern slide of the promenade by the pier in c1890.


The bathing pool shortly after opening taken from an aeroplane in 1933.


Who remembers the old Police box with the blue flashing light on the top at the bottom of Harold Place!. c1960.


25-All-Saints-Street next to the Alma Tavern. 1908.


Now showing the other side of the street.  1908.


130 Queens Road, this shop has changed hands so many times over the past several decades, this dates from about 1909.


Wellington Place (on the left as viewed) and York Buildings (on the right as seen). 1903.


Robertson Terrace and the Albany Hotel (with the flag flying). 1908.


E. Walker Family Butchers shop in Harold Road with Athelstone Road  on the right of the picture behind their delivery van. 1912.


Hastings beach at low tide, just as the caption says! 1912.




Queens Road and the original Gas Showrooms in 1919.


Pelham Place and Crescent. If only it was like this today! 1952.


Breeds Place 1920.


Havelock Road after the storm at Easter 1918. (Sea water eroded the road surfaces).


Havelock Road c1880.


Bathing Pool all lit up for night swimming 1933.


The Opening Ceremony of The Hastings Trolleybus System 1904.


Silverhill Tavern 1958. Now all gone and converted into apartments during 2017.


White Rock and Robertson Street in 1908.


Hastings Pier in 1915.


A rare view of building the foundations for the new White Rock Pavilion. 1927.


Verulam Place 1868.


Royal George corner of Station Road and Devonshire Road 1902, built in 1855.


Thought you might like to see the first 3 Traffic Wardens appointed in Hastings in 1956, I’m so glad! Such nice people??? Move along or I’ll book you!


On the West Hill looking over the Old Town in 1907. (Bet we don’t see this many people on the hill now-a-days at the same time as this shows!)


This shows the top of the lift coming up from George Street in 1908, but the top has now been covered in with a café on top.


Now a deserted West Hill in 1909.


Yet another view across the Old Town from the West Hill in 1911.  With Breeds Brewery chimney well in view.


Looks like tea time and every ones slowly going home! 1913.


A change of scenery, now looking across the valley towards the West Hill in 1935.


Bathing Pool. 1935.


Carlisle Boarding Establishment, Cambridge Gardens. 1917.


Carlisle Parade. c1918.


Carlisle Parade. c1947.


Emmanuel Church on Priory Road. c1935.


Eversfield Place. 1910. (Is that chap on the ladder installing a satellite dish?)


Sunken Gardens part of the underground car park construction. 1961.


Warrior Square gardens and when the green was a mini golf course. 1954.




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