Glass plate of Beach and Stade Hastings 1895.


Glass plate of Caroline Parade 1895.


Glass plate of Eversfield Place 1895.


Glass plate of Rough Sea and Hastings Pier 1895.


Glass plate of St Leonards Arch 1895.


Glass plate of the Queens Hotel and Harold Place. 1895.


Glass plate of the old lifeboat house and stade area. 1895.


Glass plate of Warrior Square and beach 1895.


Cave’s Oriental Cafe White Rock c1910.



Boating lake 1938. Now why on earth would someone walk around half naked in the lake??


Bandstand by night at White Rock. 1910.


Entrance to the new underground car park. 1936.


Hastings Grammar School. c1905.


Hurst Court School on the Ridge c1928.

Looking at the old town in 1891.


Looking down onto the Old Town from the west hill. 1931.


Hastings Cottage c2007, during its history it was called Ore House, Ledsham Court and finished up as Hastings Cottage. Fire completely gutted the building beyond repair and was demolished. After the site was cleared a new home was built there ‘Hastings Court’ a very high class nursing type home.


Hastings Cottage after the fire.


Queens Hotel. 1902.


Recently completed Elizabethan harbour arm. c1890. Over the next few decades the rough sea’s and storms partially demolished the harbour arm, and in 1911 a massive hole was torn into the harbour, and was never rebuilt.


Rock-a-Nore. c1860.




Yet another great picture of Hastings Model village taken in 1963.


Silverhill School opposite Burry Road. 1922.


St Helens School on the Ridge 1925, now the new building that is there today is called the Cleave Helenswood, and as the story goes this will be the end of ends for Heleswood School on this site as a developer want’s to knock it down and build…………Yes you got it…….Houses!!


St Matthews School in Strood Road Silverhill c1930. This was bombed in 1943 and never rebuilt as a school, modern styled houses cover the site today.


Storm of 1905 wrecks shop at entrance to St Leonards Pier.


Sunday afternoon concert in the park. 1915.


The Lower Bridge at Old Roar Gill. 1922.


The new covered parade extension, underneath is Bottle Alley. 1937.


The old lifeboat house and beach. 1912. The boating lake now covers most of this ground today.


The old Mount Pleasant School under demolition in the mid 1970s.


The promenade looking east with Hastings pier to the right and the sanatorium opposite. 1903.


On top of Bottle Alley. 1936.


VE (Victory in Europe) service in the ruins of St Leonards Parish Church. 1945.


White Rock prior to the trams along the seafront. 1904.


White Rock Pavilion. 1958.


Yelton House Boarding Establishment. 1904.


Heavy fall of snow at the bottom of Old London Road in 1910.


Baptist Church corner Ellenslea road and Chapel Park road 1906. (still there today)!


St Andrews Church Queens Road. c1910.


Croft Chapel 1920. (sorry bit of a blurred picture).


Holy Trinity Church Robertson Street 1876. Note the cliff in the background of Trinity Street, no Brassey Institute!


The tin Church at Baldslow 1918. Apparently came as a prefabricated flat pack!


The original St Ethelbergers Church corner of Filsham Road and St Saviors Road St Leonards. c1907.


St Pauls Church, Church Road St Leonards 1872. Built 1868 and demolished in 1964.


Again St Pauls Church taken from Ellenslea road. 1912.


Interior of St Pauls Church 1930.


St Clements Halton c1915. Now long gone!


St Helens Church on the Ridge c1898. Now has a shorter steeple!


15,000 people at a recruiting rally in Wellington Square, October 1915.


53 London Road St Leonards, 1922.


A Charabanc outing at Carlisle Parade 1922.


A Collodion print, entitled, The Rocks at Hastings. 1854. The part opening in the cliff behind is where the cliff railway was started.


A packed beach and parade opposite the Queens Hotel 1906. Don’t quite know what the attraction is all about!


An interesting picture of early White Rock. c1907.


The image says all. c1958.


Bohemia Road and St Pauls Road c1918.


Boots the Chemist in Robertson Street on Coronation Day 1911.


Canadian Hospital Holmsdale Gardens 1915.


Central Cricket Ground Queens Road 1923.


Claremont & Grosvener Hotel. 1908.

Hastings Railway Station 1895.


The old layout at Hastings was actually two stations on one site. To the right the London Brighton & South Coast Railway from London & Eastbourne used the terminal platforms on that side. The South Eastern Railway from London, Tunbridge Wells through to Rye and Ashford used the centre platform. The engine shed belonged to the SER. The LB&SCR had their shed at St Leonards West Marina where the two routes joined at Bo-Peep Junction. Apparently the relationship between the two companies, in at least the early years, were strained, to say the least, over the shared use of the SER tracks from there to Hastings.

Again the old railway station divided still. c1926.


Corner of Warrior Square c1955.


Cornwallis Terrace c1911. with a railway porter and a hand cart obviously delivered a large parcel to someone there!


Coronation Party in Waldergrave Street 1952.


Devonshire Road 1912, Earl Street Power station chimney dominates the sky line above the houses.


Dunmore School London Road just past Springfield road St Leonards, 1911.


Ellis Son & Vidler Wine Merchants Grand Parade. 1926.


Goat cart at Robertson Terrace 1908.


Goat cart, the wheels have no rubber on them just plain metal rims, how comfortable and noisy!! 1906.


Grand parade 1907.


Grand parade 1952.


Grand Parade, can’t move for parked cars!! 1912.


Grand Parade. 1905


Hastings Railway Station 1931, notice the Ind Coope lorry delivering beer to the café.


Hastings Station and the building of the new Postal Sorting Office 1931, along with the new track layout.


Havelock Road 1909.


Heavy fall of snow in Queens Road 1909. Pavements and roadway cleared unlike today when it snows!!


Horse & Cart on the beach in heavy snow. c1902. Obviously dumping a cart full of snow onto the beach.


Holman Tobacco’s and cigars and confectionery. 13 London Road St Leonards. 1914.


Liberal Party election day in 1906 in Havelock Road.


Looking north through Bohemia Road towards Silverhill. c1918.


Now this is what one might call a well patronised beach. Picture taken around 1936.


Original configuration of the junction onto the Ridge West from Sedlescombe Road North. c1962.


People congregating on the promenade at verulam Place. 1906.


Priory Avenue c1911.


Priory Road Halton where the flats are built today, this picture dates from about 1921.


Punch & Judy at Carlisle Beach 1906.


Queens Hotel Restaurant on Harold Place 1935.


Robertson Street 1909.
See note below.

On the 17th March 1909 (St. Patrick’s Day), members of the Automobile Association carried a composite battalion of Guardsmen from London to Hastings in their motor cars. This was an exercise that was organised in conjunction with the War Office to test the practicality of moving large numbers of troops to the scene of an invasion by utilising available volunteer motor transport. The battalion of 600 men was drawn from the Grenadiers, Coldstream and Scots Guards, and were embarked in over 100 open 4 and 5 seater cars, with the defenders’ weapons, ammunition and equipment transported separately in London Taxis specially hired by the Government.
The whole exercise was judged to have been a major success and it demonstrated that in an emergency (such as an invasion by a hostile power, for example Germany) troops could have been moved rapidly to the invasion zone.


Royal Mail delivery van at the old sorting office in Havelock Road 1905.


Sand Castle competition (seems to be more water than sand!) 1918.


Severe Storm damage to the parade at Carlisle Parade 1905.


Watching the repairs to the sea wall at Carlisle Parade 1905, what stops people falling over the edge in seeing whats going on?


Station Road flood in 1911.


The end of the road! at the Queens Hotel. 1923.


Tackleway 1909.


The rebuilding of Castle Street 1961.



Verulam Place opposite Hastings Pier. c1878.

See notes below.

White Rock Villa, in the background was the home of Lady Frances Jocelyn which faced the pier.

White Rock Villa.


Trinity Street, Fire Brigade pumping out water using a steam pump after the great storm of 1913.


Trolley Bus just past the bottom of London Road St Leonards. 1952.


Wellington Square around 1909 long before the council owned so much of it!


Western Road St Leonards c1960.


What was the Old Golden Cross Hotel on Havelock Road in 1907, Customers & Staff going on a coach outing.


Carlisle parade and beach 1892.


What is she wearing on her head? 1920.


WWI Soldiers departing from Hastings Station 1914.


Yes, even in those days we lit the seafront very well for the period c1910, but now!!!!!


43 George street c1908, entrance to the west hill lift to the right….Fare one penny.


Absolute organised chaos in demolishing the old Grammar School. c1978.


Boating lake & Paddling pool, water here was only about 4 – 5 inches deep. 1938.


Children’s Paddling Pool from the other direction. 1938.


Breeds Place c1931.


Bryant & Son c1905. Don’t fancy sitting up there on a steep hill with only one horse!!


Caroline Parade c1950.


Castle Street c1907.


Children’s mission 1910.


Cornwallis Terrace and Gardens 1910.


Cornwallis Terrace 1955.


Dimarco’s Wellington Place. 1966.


End of Hastings pier with landing jetty in 1933.


Gas showrooms Queens Road in 1976 built 1878.


Grand Hotel Verulam Place c1905.


Grand Hotel c1898.


Happy Harold 1956 at Grosvenor Crescent.   Ran from the Fishmarket to the Bathing Pool only.


Hollingsworths Havelock Road c1958.


Hollingtons first tram 1905.


Huffeys on the corner of Station Approach c1955.


Huffy’s Newsagents and the Old Post Office on Station Approach in c1920.


Huffeys Station Approach c1980.


Norman Road 1946.  Hastings was chosen to be the first town to use experimental traffic lights, later to be adopted country wide.


Our coach station next to the Town Hall in 1979.


Queens Road bus station waiting room from a converted omnibus dating 1928 vintage.  This was in use up till the area was cleared for the shopping centre, when it was taken away to be preserved and restored.


Silverhill-Roxy-Cinema-trolleybuses c1957.


Driving the first piles for St Leonards Pier 1890.


York buildings 1959.


The old workhouse in Frederick Road later to become the St Helens Hospital c1920.


The building to the right of Woolworth’s was the Ministry of Food Offices until 1956, these premise was where you obtained your food ration books but after the war was taken over by Woolworth’s and incorporated into their store extension.


Grand Parade in 1905.


Bottom of All Saints Street in 1905.


Half way down All Saints Street in 1921.


How the scenes change over a few decades in Queens Road 1979.  I normally don’t come up date this far, but this is just a reminder as to what Queens Road was like then!


Yes, here we are now in 1980 and see the different shops.  The shop next the Halfords was Bryants Furnishing! and 2 doors further up was Tandy’s.


Albert Memorial c1890. What a skip back in time from the previous pictures!


This is the start of the redevelopment of Castle Street that started in 1959. (I worked on the entire block).


Clive Vale Hotel with Alfred Road to the right. c1935.

East Parade 1900, with the Rising Sun Public House and the “London, Brighton & South Coast Railway” booking office and parcel office.

Fishmarket c1930.


Hastings Pier end 1950.


Hastings Pier 1931.


Hastings Pier 1932.


Looking across the valley towards the east hill from the Bembrook estate 1911.


Mitre PH in the High Street 1920.


The new boating pool 1947.


Old Town from the top of the east hill.  c1890.


Queens Road and Town Hall 1910.


Hastings pier 1875. Not a fare to be seen anywhere!


The area at west St Leonards prior to the Bathing Pool being built. 1929.


St Leonards Pier Pavilion c1905 Taken from a glass lantern slide.


St. Leonards Parade c1905.


White rock bandstand just as popular as the one on the parade. 1925.


St. Pauls School, St. Leonards c1905.


Tram at Harrow pub. c1906.


Royal East Sussex Hospital in 1934.


RESH 2   1934.


RESH 3  1934.


RESH 4  1934.


SS lugano on fire off Hastings 27th April 1906.


last trolley’s to do a last trip back to Hastings depot from Bexhill before the diesel buses took over 1959.


The graveyard at Silverhill depot of all the old electric trolley buses awaiting their fete, some were scrapped but others were sent of up north to carry on as electric power hadn’t been axed there, there is at least one in preservation. This picture was dated 1960.


Yet just one more shot at the graveyard at Silverhill Depot, same date.


And this was the very first bus to run in Hastings 43DKT Atlantean.




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