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The White Rock Baths and pier in 1900.


Harold Place and the Yachts attached to the winches. 1903.


Carlisle Parade. 1903.


Kenilworth Road. 1904.


Again the beach at Carlisle Parade. 1904.


1906. On the corner of vale road, now Silverhill launderette. Was also Silverhill Post Office. (Hastings Library picture)


Pelham Place in 1906.


White Rock Baths Parade covered in thick snow. 1908.


Seeing the Yachts off at Carlisle Parade.  1908.


A Concert at Caroline Place. 1913.


People look as if they have just come off one of the paddle steamers. 1913. See the ticket booths for either the Lady Rowena PS or the Brighton Queen ps.


At Pelham Place by the Russian Gun and the new shelter. 1915.


Carlisle Parade in 1916.


Another bunch of happy people enjoying the water etc. 1918.


Yep! even more people like the water at Hastings. 1918.


Gildersleeves Metropole Hotel at Robertson Terrace. 1922.


Just as the caption on the card states. 1922.


A nice view over the Old Town from the top of the East Hill Lift. 1954.


The Miniature Railway from Rock-a-Nore to the stade as seen here. 1967.


Albert Memorial. 1907.


All Saints Street, selling smoked kippers from his front room window. 1902.


Anglesea Terrace. 1906.


Baldslow Mill. 1911.


Breeds Place. 1947.


What was our central Cricket Ground at the Priory Meadow. 1930.


Royal Terrace at the start of the collapse in the 1970s.


The site in the mid 1970s showing the backs of Royal terrace.


Entente Cordiale – Queens Road – Hastings – June 1906.

Hastings and Rouen Entente Cordiale Fetes: There was a visit of a large number of French ladies and gentlemen, with fetes day by day and extraordinary enthusiasm. The town was decorated and there were many forms of celebration, lasting a week.


Grosvenor Gardens. 1912.


Hastings Model Village in 1963.


Holmhurst St Mary. 1930.


Infirmary at White Rock. 1905.


Looking from Warrior Square onto the beach. 1903.


Lord Mayor of Londons visit November 1908 – Looks like Kings Road.


Marina and the Royal Victoria Hotel. 1909.


Looking down from Castle Hill Road/wellington Square around 1964.


Not 100% sure but think that this might be what was All Saints Infants School at the bottom end of All Saints Street just up from the Creek. c1947.


Nyes library, 23 Sedlescombe Road North. 1930. (Hastings Museum collection)


Ore Village. 1907.


Silverhill School 1910, on the corner of Sedlescombe road North and Paynton Road.


Silverhill Tavern and the Hairdressers. Late 1960s. All now converted in to modern housing.


Silverhill Villas, Sedlescombe Road North. 1973.



After The Storm of 1907.


Smithy, Greengrocer and Butcher at The Green. 1895. Now the site of a garage.


Strongs Passage (Old Town) in the 1920s. The buildings on the left are the rear of houses in Swaines Passage.


Sussex Hotel at Marina. 1905.


The final demolition of Verulam Place in 1987. (Hastings Library)


The Lady Brassey at the pier head try to dock. 1912.


The Plough Inn at 49 Priory Road. c1953.


The Slough at the top of High Street and bottom of what is now the Old London Road. 1828.


The top end of Station Road with Haig House and the Chip shop. 1976. Cricket Ground behind the parked cars on the left.


The original ‘Titus Oates House’ at the top of the High street. Demolished in 1865. The honour has now been transfered to the only building left standing at the foot of Old London Road some 20 yds away from the left of this original building.Today called Titus Oates Cottage.


Top of the High Street. Mrket Cross. 1900.


Tram on St Andrews Road, Now known as Queens Road with St Andrew Church in the background. 1905.


Vicarage Road. 1913.


Wellington Place. 1906.

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