Hastings & St Leonards in Old Pictures 40.

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A pair of builders more than likely heading towards ‘Wickers Tea rooms’ where the Hovis sign is, bet they came from P.T.Brigden & Son in the High Street. (Used these tea rooms every day!). 1956.


A view across Clive Vale & Halton. 1911.


Alexandra Park and the Café. 1916.


Alexandra Park. 1906.


Alma Villas Silverhill 1908.


Alma Villas Silverhill 1908. (2)


An aerial view of Denmark Place and Beach Terrace in 1910.


Burry Road. 1905.


Caple-Ne-Ferne home. 1948. Londoners Transport rest home.


The cards room at Caple-Ne-Ferne rest home. 1931.


Carlisle Parade with hundreds on the parade, what is going on? 1908.


Carlisle Parade and yet another high tide washing the roads. 1917.


Carlisle Parade. 1920.


Emmanual Church. 1935.


Hastings Pier. 1900.


Hastings Pier. 1914.


High Street. 1901.


High Street. 1903.


Illuminated bandstand at White Rock with crowds watching and listening to the music. 1908.


Interesting picture of University school, Hastings which was demolished in 1932.


Looking along Carlisle Parade. 1956.


Looking over the Old Town from the East Hill. 1958.


Lower Promenade and Sun Lounge – Marina. 1957.


Making full use of the beach at Rock-a-Nore. 1959.


Marine Court street view looking East showing Philpotts Department Store. 1957.


Marine Court Street view looking West. 1958.


Milward Road. 1906.


Obelisk (Aka South African War Memorial) at White Rock. 1906.


On the beach at Beach Terrace. 1919.


On the beach behind the old Lifeboat station. 1904.


On the beach opposite Harold Place. 1920.


On the beach probably at Carlisle Parade or Denmark Place. 1920.


Pleasure boat departing from the beach at Harold Place. 1902.


Queen Victoria in her original splendour! – Warrior Square. 1910. (Without a bullet hole in her leg or a traffic cone on her head!!)


Queens Hotel and Harold Place. 1952.


Robertson Street. 1915.


Robertson Terrace and Seafront, prior to any alterations to the roads. 1905.


Round the town tour bus at Wellington Place. 1963.


Sandrock Hall Tennis Courts. 1960.


Sandrock Hall. 1960.


Shingle washed up by stormy sea’s. 1904.


Ship wreck. See notes under.

Ship wreck

JC Pfluger 11 Nov 1891 ashore at Bo Peep – St Leonards on Sea. During a dramatic storm, the large three-masted German barque JC Pfluger, bound from San Francisco to Bremen in Germany, was driven ashore at Bopeep. Her 24 crew were rescued by Coastguards using breeches buoy equipment. The schooner Nerissa, bound to Norway, was also wrecked on Hastings beach. The 1,000 ton JC Pfluger was later refloated and towed to Tilbury Docks, on the Thames.


Silverhill Junction. 1966. Then you could cross the road quite safely.


St Leonards Gardens. 1905.


St Matthew’s Church – Silverhill. 1912.


Sunken Gardens. 1962.


Submarine U118. 1919.


The boating lake in Alexandra Park. 1910.


The Edinburgh Hotel. 1908. See notes under.

Edinburgh Hotel

The Edinburgh Hotel stood on the corner of Warrior Square and Norman Road in St. Leonards, and was built c1890.
The hotel was renamed the Marlborough Hotel in the late 1960s. The building fell into disrepair and was demolished in the late 1990s.
In 2001/2 a new building, Marlborough House, was erected on the same site comprising sheltered accommodation flats with doctors’ surgeries on the ground floor.
Marlborough House was badly damaged by fire in July 2013 and has now only just reopened (2018).


The Fishmarket and the Stade. 1900. (No East Hill lift, it wasn’t built till 1901-2).


The First In Last Out Public House 14-15 High Street. 1901.


Sitting Room – Chelsea Convalescent Home For Women – West Hill Road. 1935. Again see notes under.

Chelsea Convalescent Home

Sitting Room of the Chelsea Convalescent Home for Women on West Hill Road St Leonards. 1933.
In 1939 some patients from Chelsea Hospital for Women in London were transferred to the convalescent home at St Leonard’s but in 1940 this had to be closed because of the threat of invasion.


The High Street in 1905.


The Lindens – 18 Upper Maze Hill. 1912.


The pier speed boat in 1959.


The Sussex Hotel at West Marina. 1905.


The Unveiling of Queen Victoria in 1902.


The trolley buses last run from Bexhill to Silverhill before the Diesel buses took over. 1959.


The white lined areas off Filsham Road were desigated for building the new estates of which we all know of today at West St Leonards. 1963-4.


Town Centre in 1902.


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