Alfred Street St Leonards c1965


Battle Road 1910.


Bexhill Road approaching the Gas Works c1965


Blind musicians 1909.


Building the original Queens Parade 1956.


Caroline Parade. 1911. (Beach Terrace behind the performers).


Corner of Station Road and Devonshire Road c1970 what was The Lighthouse.


Station Road c1969. On the corner was the Royal George.


Hastings Carnival 1956.

Hastings Carnival 1956.


Corner of South Terrace and Queens Road 1912.


Denmark Place 1912. (Today all these people are more or less standing in Harold Place).


Denmark place 1956.


Freemasons Tavern, Wellington Place c1958  Jempsons now occupy this space.


Gas Works show rooms Queens Road 1910.


Glyne gap under the railway through to the beach 1962.


Harrow Bridge, main entrance to Hastings from London A21. c1918. (Some people nicknamed this as the Needles eye!).


Holmdene House now occupies this site. c1956. (Carlisle PH still remains in the same location).


In the park 1908.


Looking towards Galley Hill and the tank traps still in place. c1970.


Ore Village 1908.


Pilot Inn corner of Stone Street and Queens Road c1908.


An early Maidstone & District round the town tour bus, possibly around 1955.


Prince Albert PH Rock-a-Nore 1902.


Queens Road 1930s.


Recruiting Office for the Regular Army at 33 Havelock Road in 1914.


Removing the anti tank traps at Rock-a-Nore 1946. Sorry for the poor clarity!


Tipping the concrete over the edge 1946.


Snow Queens Road March 1909.


More snow 1909.


Rear of Norman Road St Leonards  c1965.


Rising Sun PH 1910, that once stood opposite the old lifeboat house at the stade.


Rock-a-Nore 1895.


Roberson Street before the Media Centre was built c2010. It’s so easy to forget what was there only 17 odd years ago!


Salvation Army Procession Queens Road 1912. M&S building changed and the Bedford Hotel!


Stade car park 1955. We will never see this sight again (NO not old busses) but any busses old or new, let alone cars!!! This area brought thousands of day trippers here to spend their money and walk the Old Town, but that has slowly disappeared  recently, for what!


The Tivoli Tavern on Battle Road, now no longer but a block of flats! Picture taken 2012.


The beach huts at Glyne Gap. Presume this hut was moved back by the sea! 1969.


The Beaconsfield PH 1908.


The Belmont PH Harold Road c1978. Like many others all gone!


The Clock House Queens Road c1935.


The Imperial Queens Road c1920.


This picture of Bottle Alley clearly shows the screens pulled round. 1936.


Victoria Inn Battle Road closed c2013.


Walton and Co Fish mongers Queens Road, notice no shop front, all opened planned all year round. c1908.


White Rock 1908.


White Rock Parade. 1911.


White Rock 1948, an area where houses once stood before being bombed out, this is opposite the White Rock Baths.


Net huts that existed in 1956.


Teas provided for those on the beach, not found one person doing the same today!! Taken in 1920.


An Omnibus standing for their picture to be taken at the Park, c1908.


What was the Glenroyde hotel on the Eastern corner of Wellington Square c1925. (now flats!).


The Railway Cigar store at Havelock Road c1908.


Ice cream on St Leonards pier, 1910.


Hastings Pier 1910. Doesn’t look any different from what we have today!!


Hastings Pier landing stage in 1932, waiting for the steamer to arrive.


Splash point at White Rock (that was!) waiting to see who got the wettest, or who could run the fastest!! Rough seas always attracted many many people, it was so fascinating to see the sea!


White and Norton at White Rock c1905.


W. Breach Fishmonger 72 Queens Road. c1910.


Robertson Terrace 1936.


St Pauls Church, Church Road. 1918.


The Memorial clock tower under demolition. Thanks to Leigh Kennedy for the loan of these 3 pictures.


Nearly down! Prince Albert can just be seen at the top front, now placed outside the side entrance to the Town Hall after many years rotting away in the greenhouses of Alexandra Park. Unfortunately, the Memorial clock tower should never have been torn down, as little damage was caused by the so called disastrous fire! The council wanted this down since 1927!! I had better not go any further as the story thickens even deeper!!!


Gone, all bar a few more stones.


Bottom end of Harrow Lane (now renamed Maplehurst Road) c1908. Harrow Inn at the top.


Battle Road with the footpath to Windsor Road. 1910.


Emerging from the new underground car park. March 1937.


The area of the stade 1900, the East Hill Lift is under construction and opened in 1901.


Old Roar Water Fall frozen solid 1892. Now that is cold!!


The next few pictures of inside the Caves are portions that today we are not allowed to enter (Health & Safety…Bah). Pictures date from 1955.




Another secret portion 1955.


Caves c1935.


Caves c1895.


Caves in c1935.


Original entrance to the caves.


The Confederates performing in the caves 1956.


St Clements Cave used as Air Raid Shelters during the war. 1943.


Asleep in peace away from the noise of the bombs 1944.




A Tramps supper in the caves c1963.


You use the new Tamerisk steps and I’ll take the old route. Ok! 1905.


Looking down onto the Old Town from the West Hill in 1911, The Brewery chimney of Breeds Brewery in the heart of the Old Town is visible in the centre. (Just the stump remains today by the scrap metal works).


The beach in 1915.


Just some of the Net Huts in 1933.


Old Town 1910.


Rock-a-Nore  c1910.


A nice aerial view of the Conquest Hospital in c2010.


Riffle Range at Pelham Place 1905. (Sorry for the poor quality, but the picture was rubbish to start with!).




Eversfield Chest Hospital, West Hill Road St Leonards.  c1920.


Huts arranged outside for people with TB and alike to get fresh air from the sea. 1925.


Eversfield Chest Hospital 1925 TB Centre. The huts could be revolved to face either the sun or away from strong winds.


Eversfield Hospital rear view 1913.


Eversfield Chest Hospital c1920.


A nice view across the Old Town as seen from the West Hill in 1898.


A well packed beach at White Rock 1935.


An empty band stand at White Rock 1912.


Beach entertainers at White Rock 1897.


Tram at White Rock parade 1908.


Collier Road 1911.


Early White Rock parade before the baths, Palace Hotel and bandstand were built 1872. Fancy climbing that ladder up 4 floors? That is a singe piece ladder, as extension ladders weren’t invented then. Imagine carrying that along the sea front in a wind!


Emmanuel Road 1910.


Fortune of War Public House on Priory Road in 1922, a gathering of all the locals that supported the pub?


From the west hill 1912.


Hastings in its hay days on the beach 1931. Will we ever see the likes of again?


Ladies day out at Hastings 1919.


Looking over the town from the west hill 1912. See the old Grammer School on the right hand side!

Milward Crescent c1910.


Milward Road 1908.


Nannies taking out the baby for some fresh air 1910.


One of the 2 kiosks on the parade selling fruit and everything else too 1925.


Priory Road Junction Collier Road 1914.


Probably squeeze in another couple dozen if they breath in. c1905.


Trolley bus on Queens Road going to Hollington. c1930.


Sand Castle building competition at splash point White Rock. 1910.


Sentinel Steam Wagon with solid tyres at the White Rock belonging to the Hastings Corporation. 1924.


St Georges Road 1910.


Vicarage Road 1910.


West Hill 1934. The wooden tea hut as seen here at the top of the lift was replaced by a larger brick built version in the 1970s.


West Hill lift gear room at the bottom, the engine was at the top. c1910.


White Rock around 1890, talk about traffic, and the car was hardly invented then!


White Rock band stand 1909.


White Rock parade 1898.


White Rock Parade 1908.


White Rock Parade 1908.


White Rock parade of shops c1905.


Nannies, Nannies everywhere 1910.


Yelton Hotel standing next to the vacant site where the infirmary once stood 1928.


St Leonards Arch 1890.


A fish trader in Clive Vale 1915.


Baldslow Road 1922.


C. Goddard 4 Hughenden Place c1908.


C. Waffer Bakers Ashburnham Road 1908.


Cambridge Road c1899.


Claremont 1904.


Clive Avenue 1908.


Flooded Alexandra Park 1909.


Githa Road 1910.


Grand Parade 1903.


Grocers Stores Calvert Road 1906.


Halton in all its glory (top of the page), taken from the east hill 1922.


Lower Clive Vale 1905.


Hastings & St Leonards Cycling club 1876. Photo taken as believed at Westfield!


Judges Corner on the Bexhill Road 1925.


Ladies charabanc Church outing from Ore Church. 1927.


Lloyds Bank Wellington Place 1946. Joe Lyons on the left and Dunn & Co Hat Makers on the right.


Mount Pleasant Congregational Church c1903.


Old Roar Gill c1870.


Parkers Fruit Stores 1 Hughenden Road 1908.


Park cross roads (now Dordrecht Way) c1958.


Robertson Street 1895.


Robertson Street 1907.


Robertson Street and Mac Fisheries, Robertson Street congregational Church is just seen to the left of the picture. c1928.


Robertson Street and the Memorial clock 1890.


Snow at the Memorial February 1907.


St Ethelburga Church corner of Filsham Road and St Saviors Road 1910.


St Geoges Road c1908.


St Leonards Arch 1875.


The bridge that links Bexhill Road with Bulverhthye Road 1906.


The new sun terrace at Grand Parade 1935.


The Socialist Literature Depot 51c Robertson Street 1910.


Tillington Terrace Clive Vale 1908.


Tillington Terrace Clive Vale 1908.

Tram on the seafront 1908. Any more fares please!


Trinity Street 1908.


Trolley bus at Robertson Street 1947.


Trolley Bus opposite the Bull Inn going to Bexhill 1935.


Undercliff Marina 1903.


Warrior Square looking westwards towards Grand Parade 1908.


Wesleyan Church Cambridge Road 1908.


West Marina Station picture taken in 1954, station completely closed in 1967 and was demolished a year or two later.


For all you Cricket fans. W.G Grace (Centre) at the Cricket Ground in 1898.


Fishermens Welcome to HRH Duchess of Albany visit to Hastings in 1913.


The Duchess of Albany paid a visit to Hastings on 1st April 1913 to open the ‘King Edward Memorial Hospital Bazaar,’ a fund created in 1910 after the death of ‘Edward VII’ (The Duchess’s Brother-in-Law).  The aim was to raise money so that the ‘East Sussex Hospital’ could be moved from its location on the seafront to a new site on lands purchased from the ‘Brisco Estates’, ‘The new hospital the ‘East Sussex Hospital’ opened its doors in 1923.


A record snow storm at Pelham Place 1909.


Alma Terrace Silverhill 1906.


Beach at Breeds Place 1908.


Breeds Place 1907. An interesting point to look at top centre of the picture, what today one might call a flying scaffold! No safety rails just a few boards tied to a couple of bearers probably nailed to the floor inside, obviously the workmen are replacing or repairing the canopy over the top window, rather them than me!! (Health & Safety at its best)!!


Burry Road 1904.  This is an old grainy picture, sorry!


Burry Terrace Silverhill (now given the name of a Road instead of Terrace!) 1909.


Clive Vale Congregational Church, corner Edwin Road and Githa Road 1910.


Cox’s dinning rooms 58 Sedlescombe Road North 1906.


Duke Terrace (all but gone today) taken from Duke Road c1946.


Edmund Road 1904.


Gildersleeve’s boarding establishment at Breeds Place 1903.


International stores Silverhill c1910.


Mastins and the YMCA at Breeds Place 1907.


Mount Road junction Clive Avenue c1920.


Packed seafront at Pelham Place 1909.


Pelham Crescent 1945.


Pelham Place 1909.


Pelham Place 1952.


Pelham Place and entrance to Pelham Crescent through the archway, (all of which still exists today) and Sandringham Hotel to the right. 1907.


Pelham Roundabout shortly after the completion of the new road layout 1963.


Royal Cimema De luxe 1911. Looks as if it’s a mass window cleaning exercise!


The Russian gun at Breeds Place 1905. Hold very tight whilst we take your picture!


Parade of shops destroyed by bombing in Silverhill in March 1943, their replacements are the Co-op, Martins etc.   Apologises if this is a repeat!


Silverhill Windmill Sedlescombe Road South 1904.   Also known as Drapers Mill.


Sturdee Place and the Coastguard station c1903. All the ground floor areas have been converted into shop units.


T.Howell shop bottom of Payton Road Silverhill 1909.  Sorry if you find that this is a repeat, it will be taken out as soon as we are able.


A ceremonial parade at the rear of Beach Terrace at Pelham Place 1906.


Vale Road Silverhill 1905.


West St Leonards original school on Bexhill Road Jnc Filsham Road 1905.


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