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93 Queens Road. 1922.


159 Queens Road. 1950.


This photograph shows a circus parade in Queens Road, making its way towards the Central Cricket Ground. 1899.


Circus Parade in Queens Road. 1899.


Circus Procession coming down Queens Road. 1899.


Circus Parade – Queens Road. 1899.


Burry Road. 1908.


Busy Day on th beach at Carlisle Parade. 1908.


Carlisle Parade. 1910.


Charabanc at Robertson Terrace. 1920.


Charles Road. 1905.


Church Road. 1908.


Cows by the stream c1890. On what is now Ashford Road and Thanet Way area. Blacklands Church in the back ground.


Cromwell House. 36 Vicarage Road. 1911.


Donkey Rides on Carlisle beach. 1922, this little girl appears to be the only one dressed for summer.


Empire Day – Queens Road. 1908.


Empire Day Parade – Queens Road. 1912.


Essenden Road. 1908.


Flooded Cricket Ground in 1913 from a severe gale washing sea water far inland.


French Mayors and other dignitaries on a trip from Silverhill to Cooden. 1922.


Front Entrance – Chelsea Convalescent Home – West Hill Road. 1912.


Harold Place and Queens Hotel. 1902.


Horse drawn bus. 1910.


London Road. 1903.


Magdalen Road. 1905.


Magdalen Road. 1910.


Preparing for the Pantomime ‘Robinson Crusoe’ at the Gaiety Theatre in January 1918 – A Llama and small pony among other animals being taken into the theatre. Queens Road.


Prize giving at the Angling Competition – Fishmarket. 1950s.


On this day 15th September in 1928 – Hastings Police set up a ‘flying squad’, equipped with powerful motorbikes with sidecars.


Proclamation of Edward Vlll at the Fishmarket. 22nd January 1936.


Promenade at Warrior Square looking East. 1912.


Queens Hotel. 1906.


Queens Road. 1959.


Queens Road, railway bridge. 1912.


Salisbury Road. 1908.


Salvation Army Procession – Queens Road. 1912.


Sandringham Hotel. Pelham Place. 1909.


Sorting a small catch on the Fishing Beach – Old Town. 1904.


St Andrews Church – Queens Road. 1911.


St Matthew’s Church and Nurseries London Road. 1908.


St Pauls Road. 1908.


Stormy seas on Marine Parade. 1909.


Storm – Old Town. 1890.

Storm of 1890

On this day 8th December in 1893 – The News had a letter from the mayor saying that £105 had been collected for a fund to compensate fishing boat owners for their loss of tackle during a terrific gale, causing much disruption and damage, on Saturday 18 November. 1890.


Superintendent William Buddle inspecting his men before the Kings Parade in 1935 – Queens Road.


The Boating Lake – East Parade. 1952.


The demolition of U118. 1919.


The Old Town Arm Wrestling Contest – The Stade. 1903.


The parade and Robertson Terrace. 1911.


The Queens Head Hotel and the Stade fishmarket. 1901.


The seafront and pier from Warrior Square. 1937.


This shop stood on the corner of Hughenden Road and Mount Pleasant Road. 1900.


Town Hall – Queens Road -Hastings c1905.


Town Hall – Queens Road. 1910.


West corner of Warrior Square and Eversfield Place with Hastings Pier in the background. 1904.


West Marina Station and Railway Cottages. 1933.


When the East Hill Lift was a water balance lift. 1959.


Central recreation ground in Queens Road. 1908.





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