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Old Pictures 33.

All Saints Street in 1908.


By the South Colonnade in 1909.


At the beach side of the Bathing Pool, or otherwise known as the Sun Deck. 1935.


An old glass slide of probably fishermens boys on the beach in 1895.


Bathing Pool. 1935.


Breeds Place, showing the construction on the fountain. 1959.


A Skinners coach at the back of the Royal Oak Hotel and public house. Skinners were taken over by M&D shortly after this picture was taken. c1952.


Constructing the Lower Promenade – Warrior Square. 1933.


Construction of the bridge over the Old Roar Gill on St Helens Road. 1912. By the then Borough Engineer Mr H. Palmer.


Construction of the Gasometer in Queens Road. 1892.


Corner of Warrior Square and Grand Parade . 1912.


Ex Skinners coach been transformed into a showmans bus. Date unknown.


Flooded Alexandra Park, and the Submarine Log. 1909.


Githa Road, Clive vale. 1918.


Henry Croucher stands outside his butcher’s shop at 70 Mount Pleasant Road. 1912.


Hertfordshire Convalescent home entrance -West Hill Road. 1912.


Hertfordshire Convalescent Home. 1922.


Dining Hall – Hertfordshire Convalescent Home – West Hill Road. 1920.


Dormitory – Hertfordshire Convalescent Home – West Hill Road. 1912.


Womens Sitting Room – hertfordshire convalescent Home – West Hill Road. 1920.


The Hertfordshire Convalescent Home – West Hill Road. 1933.


Hurst Court School. The Ridge. 1924.


‘Interior of Castle, 1860.


Kings Road.  T. Salter. 1905.


Looking down onto Pelham Place from the West Hill in 1947.


Looking down onto Pelham Place in colour in 1938.


Lower Promenade – Warrior square. 1935.


Marina Beach. Showing South Colonnade top left. 1895.




Marine Court and the Palace Pier. Marina. 1933.


Milward Road. 1935.


Mount Pleasant Public House on the corner of Calvert Road. 1950.


North Colonnade – Marina. 1905.


North end of Warrior Square. 1908.


Old Hastings House at the top of High Street. 1948.


Old London Road. Old Town. 1903.


Old Roar Gill. 1908.


On the beach. 1905.


Opposite Robertson Terrace. 1904.


Pageant of heroes, Queens Road. 1914.


Pageant of heroes, Whitson. 1914.


‘Pelham Place, a steel engraving print. 1855.


Photo from 1896 shows the brick arch plus the newer bridge in place over the old.


Winston Churchill’s visit in March of 1900. He was here to lecture on the effcts of the ‘Boar War’ at the Royal Concert Hall Warrior Square and stayed at the Grand Hotel opposite the Pier, this photo shows a Welcome Archway by the Town Hall at Queens Road.


Robertson Hotel, Robertson Terrace. 1935.


Royal Flying Corps. Cadets – Royal Terrace – Warrior Square. which is where they were billeted. 1915.


St Matthews School – Grove Road (Strood Road) – St. Leonards-on-Sea. 1910. (The name Grove Road appeared here but was altered to Strood Road when a Grove Road was formed in Ore).


Street Party in Clarence Road, VE Day. 1945.


The beach at Warrior Square. 1922.


The Colonnade, Marina. 1955.


The long forgotten ‘Grand Hotel’ opposite the pier. 1910. Waverly Court now occupies the site.


The new parade in 1912.


The promenade – Warrior Square. 1906.


The remains of an old breakwater, now under the boating lake. 1875.


Vale Road. 1908.


Warrior Square Gardens on a sunny day in 1959.


Warrior Square taken from the West Side. 1905.


Warrior Square. 1906.


Warrior Square. 1923.


West Colonnade – Marina. 1904.


West Marina Station and a line up of steam locomotives. 1948.


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