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An artists impression of 88 All Saints Street. 1895.


An artists impression of Hill Street, top of Light Steps. 1895.


An artists impression of St Leonards Archway in 1855.


An artists impression of the Bottom of High Street and the Dispensary. 1895.


An artists impression of the Old Town viewed from the West Hill. 1947.


An old print of 1900, showing people on the beach.


Antique Print – Warrior Square. 1855.


Hill Street and Coburg Place. a water colour by W H Brooke. 1900.


Rock-a-Nore Net Shops, an artists impression by John Brandard 1853.


A tram immerging from Queens Road to the memorial in 1906.


A horse turning a capstain. 1906.

A group of batthers in the water, with some others not quite ready to take a dip with their clothes on. 1914.


An aerial photo of Carlisle and Caroline Parade before the war. 1935.


An aerial view over the Old Town. 1947.


Black Mill, Ore. Demolished in 1898.


Busy day at the Lower Promenade – Warrior Square. 1955.


Cab Rank corner of Warrior Square and Eversfield Place. 1903.


Circus parade in Queens Road, making its way towards the Central Cricket Ground. Drawn by 40 horses. 1899. South Terrace to the left.


Clevedon Court Hotel – Warrior Square. 1928.


Cliff House Hotel – Warrior Square. 1925.


Corner of Warrior Square and Eversfield Place. 1937.


Dane Road. 1908.


Dickens Fellowship Parade. 1913.


East Parade. 1906.


East side of Warrior Square. 1906.


Enenté Cordiale from Rouen, (France) outside the Town Hall Queens Road. 1906.


Eversfield Place at the corner of Warrior Square. 1908.


Engraving – Royal Victoria Hotel with the Baths in front – Marina. 1830. At this time this was the Rear of the Royal Victoria Hotel.


Eversfield Place beach in 1908.


Eversfield Place. 1904.


Firemen welcome to the Duchess of Albany – Malborough Hotel – Warrior Square. 1913.


Fishing off Hastings Pier. 1967.


Hastings Model Railway on the Stade in 1957.


Holidaymakers (who could afford a motor car) on Eversfield Place. 1922.


HRH in Queens Road approching the Town Hall. 1918.


Kenrith Convalescent Home. 92 St Helens Road. 1954.


Kings Road. 1905.


Kings Road. Mock Archway – Warrior Square Station in background. HRH Prince Of Wales visit 6th April 1927.


Looking across the Old Town with the smoke from many chimneys fogging the area. 1904.


Looking towards Carlisle Parade on a wet day. 1936.


Lord Mayor of Londons visit November 1908. Robertson Street.


Mackerel fishing at the Harbour Arm. 19th September 1904.


Mending nets at East Parade beach from an old print of 1842.


Obviously not enough room on the bench! 1905.


One of the last steam trains leaving Hastings Station in 1956.


Painting of the America Ground looking towards White Rock. 1835.


Princess Elizabeth’s Royal visit in 1951 – Queens Road.


Tall ship unloading on the beach 1880. You can just make out the unloading of goods onto horse and carts.


The Abbotsford Hotel – On the West side of Warrior Square. 1912.


The Imperial Queens Road. 1930.


The Mayors of ten Normandy towns accompanied by other Frenchmen visited Hastings to take part in L’Ententé Cordiale celebrations.  Queens Road. 1906.


The Mayors of ten Normandy towns accompanied by other Frenchmen visited Hastings to take part in L’Ententé Cordiale celebrations. Queens Road. June 1906.


The temporary War Memorial to those who fought in the 1st world war and lost their lives. Shrine errected in 1919.


Town Criers competition taking place at Warrior Square Gardens. 1966. Notice the bomb site behind had still not been built on!


Upper Broomgrove Road on VE day. 1945.


Upper Gardens – Warrior Square. 1910.


The sad remains of Levetleigh after the fire. 1913.


VE day celebrations in Oakfield Road, Ore. 1945. This was copied from a broken glass slide.


West Marina Station. 1935.


Yet another happy (or no so happy) bunch of holiday makers having their photo taken. Hold quite still and watch the birde! 1920.






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