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9 Bexhill Road Bulverhythe, a Butchers shop.


185 Ashburnham Road. 1912.


Ashburnham Road – Clive Vale. 1910.


Edmund Road – Clive Vale. 1905.


Mount Hermon Childrens Home – 38 Ashburnham Road. 1915.

The Mount Hermon Home for Girls.

The Mount Hermon Home for Girls was established in 1886 by the Hastings Ladies’ Association for the Care of Friendless Girls. The Home occupied a property known as Mount Hermon at 38 Ashburnham Road, Hastings. It could accommodate up 18 girls, aged 11 to 17, who through the loss or neglect of their parents were unprepared to earn their living. A charge of 2s. 6d. a week was made for girls from the local area, with others paying 4s.
In around 1905, following a merger with the Brixton Girls’ Protective Home, the institution became known as Hastings Ladies’ Association and Girls’ Protective Home.


Shearbarn Caravan Site – Barley Lane once owned by then Freddy Funnel. He milked cows here in the barn behind and sold it locally. 1957.


1954 Camber Sands to Rye. This bus wasn’t allowed into Hastings due to the fact that it’s braking system was very poor! Just stayed on flat ground to where it could stop after the driver applied the brakes!!


An artistic representation of Markwick Terrace. 1870. But they wern’t built quite to this design.


Brittany Road. 1906.


Brittany Road. 1907.


Brittany Road Showing St John’s Church corner of Brittany Road and Lower Maze Hill. 1908.


Corner of London Road and Brittany Road. 1906.


Another close up of Brittany Road. 1906.


Junction Charles Road and Tower Road. 1905.


Markwick Terrace. 1906.


Junction of London Road and Tower Road. 1908.


Looking East up St Margaret’s Road from Warrior Square. 1954.


Magdalen Road. 1905.


Magdalen Road from the other end. 1905.


St Margarets Road – Warrior Square. 1954.


St Mary Magdalen School – Magdalen Road. 1908.


Mansfield 19 Elphinstone Road. 1910.


St Helens Road with Elphinstone Road. 1906.


Convent of the Holy Child Jesus – Magdalen Road. 1904.


Devonshire Road. 1912. With Earl Street Power Station chimney in the background over the roofs.


Looking down Robertson Street. 1908.


March 23rd 1913. A damaged parade after a heavy storm.


A line up of Hastings old trolley buses on death row at Silverhill bus depot. Waiting to be either scapped or sent to West Midlands for an extended life. 1959.


Queens Hotel with the Albertine and Skylark Yachts on the beach. 1903.


St Helens Hotel on the corner of Downs Road and St Helens Park Rd. 1905.


St Matthews School Strood Road. 1920. This school was destroyed in the last war. The area has been redeveloped with houses.


St Peter’s Church, Chaple Park Road, where all the scam marriages took place a few years ago. Picture dates as from 1908.


St Thomas of Canterbury Church – Magdalen Road. 1909.


C. Waffer Bakers – Ashburnham Road. 1910.


Markwick Terrace. 1906. Not quite the same as the one previously, not sucha wide view.


A wider view of Brittany Road. 1906.


Comming out of London Road going towards White Rock. 1956.


Carlisle Villas. 1916.


One of the ‘Hold to Light’ Postcards. 1904.


Possibly Braybrooke Road or Terrace. 1912.


Sayers corner – Silverhill. 1907.


Sedlescombe Road North. 1908.


Shop that once stood in Courthouse Street. 1920.


Silverhill parade of shops, mostly were destroyed in the last war. 1902.


St Marys Terrace. 1910.


The Tower Hotel London Road. c1875.


Trolley Buses at Robertson Street. 1957.


Top end of Hollington Old Lane, from rear gate of old Hollington Junior school. 1935.


Marks & Spencer Queens Road. 1950’s.


Queens Road in the rush hour. 1960.


St Leonards pier with its roller skating rink. 1914.


St Mathews Gardens. 1908.


Templecombe West Hill Road. 1911.


Templecombe Guest House, West Hill Road. 1934.


The Dining Room, Templecombe. 1934.


The Lounge, Templecombe. 1934.


The small Lounge at Templecombe. 1934.


Another part of the Lounge at Templcombe. 1934.


And for a complete contrast, The Drawing Room at the Albany Hotel, Robertson Terrace. 1920.


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