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Birdseye view of Bohemia St Leonards on Sea with Park Road Wesleyan chapel centre and Silverhill in the distance c1910.


Bohemia Road in the Snow. 1907.


Bohemia Road. 1909.


Bohemia Road. 1912.


Bohemia Road. 1957.


Corner of Salisbury Road and Bohemia Road. 1911.


G. Gower Greengrocer – 114 Bohemia Road. 1914.


Horntye Road. 1910.


J. Cousens Shop – Bohemia Road. 1910.  Sorry about the pixels, but the photo wasn’t up to scratch!


Laying the Tram Lines in Bohemia Road. 1906.


Laying the Tramlines through Bohemia Road. 1906.


Albert Memorial. 1932.


At Harold Place. 1919.


Damage to the road surface in Havelock Road, after the floods during the storm of 1918.


Early photo The Albert Memorial. 1866.


Flood at the Albert Memorial. 1926.


Harold Place. 1921.


Harold Place. 1954.


Looking down Robertson Street from the Memorial. 1924.


No. 6 Silverhill Trolley Bus at the Town Centre. 1957. Should have renamed the Memorial ‘Scaffold City’.


No. 11 Trolley Bus to St Helens at the Memorial. 1954.


On this day 20th October in 1949 – The heaviest storm for many years caused major flooding in the town centre.


Single Decker Trolley Bus at the Memorial. 1947.


Taxi Rank at Harold Place. 1924.


The Albert Memorial at Night. 1920.


The Albert Memorial at the height of the Rush Hour 5.15pm. 1935.


The Albert Memorial showing Prince Albert where he SHOULD be. 1903.


The Albert Memorial, Town Centre. After the Gale of 23rd March 1913.


The Albert Memorial. 1865.


The Albert Memorial. 1875.


The Albert Memorial. 1907. Notice the tall telephone pole on the roof to the right of the tower! In the early days of the telephone all wires went overhead before many subscribers were added to the network, then all wires went under ground.


The Albert Memorial. 1912.


The Albert Memorial. 1956.


The Memorial. 1936.


Town Centre looking up Queens Road. 1906.


Town Centre. 1902.


Town Centre. 1956.


Town Centre. 1959.


Trolley Bus – Town Centre. 1957.


York Buildings. 1868.


A Morgan sports car [one of several sports cars] on driving test trials on Hastings Promenade in the Summer of 1955.

Bently time trials Castle Hill Road – Hastings RAC Rally 1955.


Bently time trials Castle Hill Road – Hastings RAC Rally 1955.


Motor Rally Marina June 1907 – in the background is Crown House and The Colonnade.


RAC Rally competitors finish at Hastings . After spending two days and nights on a gruelling thousand miles course competitors in the RAC Rally arrived at Hastings, the finishing point. 1937.


RAC Rally trials 1955.


RAC Rally trials at the Carlisle parade. 1955.


Wolseley Hornet RAC Rally 1955 – Castledown Ave.


Bohemia Ice House and estate.


Summerfields House. c1920.


Summerfield interior. c1920.


The Lodge – Summerfields House, Bohemia Road. The Lodge remained after the house was demolished then it was also demolished in 1999.


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