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Prof Davenport doing what he knows best…..Jumping off the pier on a bicycle. 1904.


A motor bus in 1905.


Albert Memorial 1946. Part of the Borough Engineers Collection.


Alberta Road Hollington 1955. These unfortunately were part of the towns big slum clearance scheme.


Alberta Road Hollington 1955.


Alberta Road Hollington under demolition 1958.


Battle Road – Hollington. 1905.


Battle Road – Hollington. 1906.


Battle Road but named as Hollington Village in the early days long before it became heavily populated as it is now. 1890.


Battle Road Hollington possible 1925.


Blacklands Terrace Hollington. 1908.


Bohemia Road. 1905.


Breeds Place and the end of Caroline Place. 1912.


Bucket & Spades Jewish Home For Children Old Church Road, picture dates as of 1957, building was destroyed by fire in the 1990s and then demolished.


Cambridge Road with Priory Street just ahead of the car. 1946.


Clement Glenister’s shop in Hughenden Place. 1905.


Corner of All Saints Street and Rock-a-Nore. E. Gallop ships chandler. 1911.


Cruttendens shop on the corner of the Broadway and Fairlight Rd. c1910. Now converted back into a private house.


Decorated Car Rally – Marina. 1907.


G Coleman – Mount Pleasant. 1908.


Harold Place showing a bomb site to where Lewcocks Restaurant once stood. 1947. Part of the Borough Engineers collection.


Havelock Road. The trees and lamp standards are still painted with white bands for the blackouts. 1946. From the Borough Engineers collection.


Hig Street. 1902.


Hollington Guy Fawkes at the Wishing Tree Public House. 1957.


Hollington Old Lane in the late 1950s, beleive this was divided by the making of Blackman Avenue.


Marine Court after the clear up when a V1 flying bomb took off the top sections and demolished the buidings opposite as seen by the rubble in the road. 1946.


Marine Parade, Sturdee Place. 1888.


Melbourne House Beach Terrace. 1905.


Mr Wallis doing his bakery round in Hollington just before the war. c1937.


Nortons Farm before it became the Wishing Tree Public House – Hollington. Picture dates from around 1906.


Omnibus on Marina opposite East Ascent. 1907.


Old London Rd,Ore -looking north. 1905. The buildings on the right have been demolished.


Parkfield Road Hollington late 1950’s. Again part of the great town slum clearance scheme.


Pilgrim’s Watchmaker – 315 Battle Road – Hollington. 1935.


Pitcherville Terrace – Battle Road – Hollington. c1916. Yet another area deemed for slum clearance.


Pitcherville Terrace off Battle Road. 1906. A large block of flats now occupy these grounds.


Pitcherville Terrace, Battle Rd, Hollington. This was originally called Silverdale Cottages . The whole area was bulldozed in the late 1950s as part of the Hollington clearances.


Pitcherville Terrace. 1906.


Queen Elizabeth Coronation street party in the field opposite Rock Lane Ore. 1953.


Rock Cottage Battle Road Hollington built in 1855.


School cricket match near to the Eversfield Chest Hospital. 1906.


St John’s Church – Hollington. 1908.


Stonehouse Farm – Hollington – St Leonards on Sea c1910.


The Old Corner – Wishing Tree Road looking towards Old Church Road. Hollington. 1908.


The Wishing Tree looking towards Gillsmans Hill – Hollington. 1906.

The “wishing Tree” was destroyed when Ironlatch Avenue was extended to join up with Crowhurst Road. A roundabout was built in its place in the early 60s.


Tivoli Tavern, 131-133 Battle Road. c1910.


Victoria Inn – Battle Road – Hollington c1910.


Warrior Square and the anti landing defences all along the parade. 1946.


What was the Hare & Hounds, 405 Old London Road, Ore, now turned into a private residence. Picture dates as from the late 1960s.


White Rock Parade. 1902.


Wood End – Wishing Tree Road – Hollington. 1860s.


Workshops at Nos 1-10 Battle Road c1920. No.10 looks like a cobblers, shoe repair shop.

Battle Road Jnc Duke Road.

One or two of these are still in use as  motor mechanics or storage space.
Most of the facades were boarded up and covered by giant advertising boards in the 1960s/70s. Duke Road runs up by the side.


Speedboat Trips from Hastings Pier during the 1950s and 60s.


An artists impression of Pelham Place and the rear of Beach Terrace. 1843.


Beach Terrace 1843.


Beach Terrace and Pelham Crescent. 1843.

These three watercolours of Pelham Crescent are by Lady Caroline Lucy Scott, these were painted in the April of 1843.


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