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A church outing outside Park Road Methodist Church, looking towards Bohemia Road. 1906.


A Merry Christmas – Kings Road. 1911.


A street watering cart being refilled as seen by the pipe leading into the open hatch on the top. 1904.


Hastings Pier. 1903. In the centre front you can now see quite clearly the water delivery stand pipe to fill the watering carts up, the valve trap door has been left open at the base.


Alexandra Park. 1937. Reminds me of the song ‘Feed the birds’ from Mary Poppins.


All Saints Church with allotments on the ground to where All Saints Crescent was to be built upon later. Picture dates as from around 1903.


Alma Terrace – Silverhill. 1906.


Archer Lodge, Charles Road. 1908.


Biddy the Tub Man looking a bit lost amongst his crowds of supporters on the beach. 1937.


Christ Church Vicarage at Ore in 1908. Just in case you can’t place it. It’s on the corner of Canute Rd and Fairlight Ave.


Come listen to the band at White Rock. 1908.


Cox’s Dining Rooms – 58 Sedlescombe Road North. 1908.


Don’t jump in! you’ll get wet enough when the wave comes over the top, just believe me…….alright! 1912.


Drapers Flour Mill horse and cart – Silverhill. c1904.


Drapers Windmill – Windmill Drive off Sedlescombe Road South. 1906.


Eversfield Place and corner of Warrior Square. 1908.


Eversfield Place. 1903.

Fairlight Road Ore. 1905.


Fishing off the Palace Pier. 1933. Cor! you aint half got a small one there!


Grand Parade and Lower Parade looking East. 1933.


Grand Parade and St Leonards Pier entrance. 1907. In the middle of the picture workmen are building a new shelter.


Grand Parade looking East along Eversfield Place, removing the old tram rails. 1935.


Grand Parade. 1903.


Grand Parade. 1908. Note that the tuck in was made for the taxi cabs.


Hockey on Roller Skates – Palace Pier. 1934.


Junction of Fairlight Road with Old London Road. 1906.


Keith Prowse Entertainers. At the Bandstand in Alexandra Park. 1913.


Lower Promenade – Grand Parade, with St Leonards Pier in the background 1935.


Marina. 1906.


No 11 St Helens Trolley Bus coming from the depot in Beaufort Road and passing Strood Road. 1959.


On St Leonards Pier. 1904.


One of Skinners first motor buses in 1913.


One for the Ladies. The Public baths opened at Silverhill in 1929.


Pedal Boat – Alexandra Park. 1930.


Priory Meadow Cricket Ground. c1909.  Note that M&S had not yet been built as seen by the rows of terraced houses instead.


Rough Sea at White Rock Parade, but you will not be able to outrun the waves I bet! 1910.


Silverhill Post Office. 1908.


Silverhill Tram Depot. 1905.


St Helen’s Road from the reservoir. 1936.  From the state of the grounds below the houses it would appear that these houses hadn’t been built all that long ago.


St Leonards Gardens. 1907.


St Leonards Pier. 1906.


Storm damage to Kiosk at the entrance to St Leonards Pier 26 & 27th November 1905.


St Leonards Pier up for auction September 1938.


Strickland Horse and Cart – Strickland’s’ Pet and Garden Supplies shop in Silverhill. 1904.


Tennis on the cricket ground. 1918.


The beach on Grand Parade. 1908.


The famous Angling Festival held on St Leonards Pier. 1928.


The Floral Clock – White Rock Gardens. 1923. Now someone please tell us to why the Council did away with this major attraction?


The Imperial Viennese Band – The Kursaal – Palace Pier. 1909.


The Old St. Helens Lodge on the corner of St Helens Park Road. 1909.


The St Leonards Kursaal Orchestra – Palace Pier. 1911.


Tourist Group – White Rock Beach, must be a ladies outing day. 1925.


Trams on Grand Parade, one going to West Marina, and the other going towards the Town Centre. 1912.


Victory Parade marching into Castle Street behind Beach Terrace. 1918.


Wallace Arthur Entertainers in the Alexandra Park. 1910.


Watching Punch and Judy on White Rock beach. 1912. But I’m going to get the best view close up!


Well patronised beach at Grand Parade. 1952.


White Rock Baths and Pier. 1954.


White Rock Parade from the sea with White Rock Road on the hill above. 1905.


White Rock Parade looking West. 1912.


White Rock Parade. 1912.


Young lady taking part in the Angling Competition on the Palace Pier, I could get hooked on this!! 1933.


Market Cross at the top of High Street. 1906.


The old lifeboat House at the stade in 1902. The tower that was primarily used as a lookout post by the Coastguards was demolished in 1927 to facilitate a road widening scheme to accommodate the new trolley buses. But looking at the picture, wasn’t there sufficient room for two vehicles to pass??



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