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Breeds Place. 1936.


The Bohemia Arms – Tower Road. 1909.


The Bowling Green – Grosvenor Gardens. 1954.


The great hole left in the White Rock Parade, caused by heavy seas during the gale on 18th November 1911.


The Lindens – 18 Upper Maze Hill. 1912.


The Rustic Shelter – White Rock Gardens. 1926.


The Silverhill Tavern. 1949. (Now the site of 4 new houses).


The Tower Hotel London Road.  c1875.


The White Rock Baths shortly after conversion by Sidney Little. 1936.


Tower Road School. 1921. Oh what a happy little bunch!


Tower Road. 1906.


Tram at the Memorial. 1907.


Tram and Trolley Bus sharing the same wires – The Ridge. 1928. But they cannot overtake one another as they share the same overhead wires!!


Trolley Bus – Silverhill Depot. 1928.


Trolley Buses – Silverhill Junction. 1959. Now try and sort those wires out !!


Upper Maze Hill. 1909.


Upper Maze Hill. 1907.


Upper Maze Hill. 1907.


Volunteer Fire Crew – Old Fire Station – Battle Road. 1908.


West end of St Leonards showing Bathing Pool. 1959.  At this time it was taken over by a Holiday Camp!


White Rock Bandstand. 1923.


White Rock Gardens. c1905.


White Rock Parade and Beach. 1936.


White Rock Parade and Beach, taken from off the pier. 1910.


White Rock Parade and Nanny’s galore. 1912.


White Rock Parade and the entrance to the pier. 1908.


White Rock Parade with some very serious looking Edwardians, they are probably discussing how on earth that one lady dared to dress in White 1909.


White Rock Parade. 1890.


White Rock Parade. 1901. Please keep your dogs on a lead if not a fine of 1d.


White Rock. 1846 (Not too long after they were built). Today Norman Court replaces these buildings. after the buildings in the picture were bombed during the last conflict.


White Rock. Palace Hotel. 1903.


Winkle Island. 1928.


Women’s outing at White Rock Beach. 1925. Granddad behind paddles with his shoes on!! Just didn’t wish to be left out of the picture.


Yelton Hotel White Rock. 1936.


The Beached submarine taken from behind this time. 1919. Not that much difference from the other side really is it?


Eversfield Place. 1909.


Feeding the Pigeons in Alexandra Park. 1936.


An early coloured postcard of the beach at Denmark Place. 1905.


Bandstand in Alexandra Park. 1905.

On the 17th July 1901 – The new bandstand was completed at White Rock and it was considered to be an ornament to the Front. The old wooden bandstand was moved to Marina which was not welcomed. The News of 23 August said that had been an alleged plot to burn the old bandstand if it had stayed at Marina. It had been repainted and was moved again to Alexandra Park on Wednesday 14 August, with the move taking place at 4 am to avoid disturbances.


Hastings Pier. 1904.


The Old Town looking across to Winkle Island. c1954.


The Railway Mission convalescent Home, West Hill Road St Leonards. 1927.


White Rock Parade. 1904.


At White Rock. c1957.


1 Pelham Street. c1940.


Outside Mastins Bros at Breeds Place/Castle Street. 1960.


A crowded West Marina Shed, in the good old days. 1948.


A record snow storm at Pelham Place. December 1908.


A rough sea on Boxing Day 1912.


A stormy day at White Rock Parade. 1909. Rough sea’s always fascinated people even in the olden days, they never learnt that the sea would beat them and they would get very wet!!


Aerial photo of West Marina and Bulverhythe. c1959.


Albert memorial. 1903.


Alexandra Hotel – Eversfield Place. 1955.


All Saints Street, Old London Road, Harold Road and High Street. 1902.


August Bank Holiday 1945 on the re-opened White Rock beach. You will notice that the front section of the Pier that was removed in WW2, has not yet been replaced.


Band playing on the St Leonards Palace Pier. 1935.


Battle Road Hollington. c1910.


Beach at Breeds Place and Pelham Crescent. 1905.


Beach at Breeds Place. 1912.


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