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An aerial shot of Pelham Place. 1903.


The Creamery at 23 Robertson Street in 1906. (Today it’s home to Waterfalls fancy goods and Restaurant on the first floor).


White Rock Bowling Green. 1925. (Still going strong today).


The parade and sun terrace at Warrior Square. 1936.


Bembrook Road. 1920. (On yer bike! don’t quite know the occasion, but they both had brand new bicycles though, a publicity stunt or what?).


Brotherhood Orchestra that played in the park and other venues. 1925.


C.A Reynolds West Hill. Boot and Shoe Shop. 1910.


Collier Road on the west hill. 1912.


Corner of South Terrace and Queens Road. 1912. (Gas works in Queens Road quite visible as well as the old Grammar School off Nelson Road. The chimney behind the school may have been the Waterworks pumping station in the park).


Cromwell House 36 Vicarage Road. 1911.


Drapers Mill – Sedlescombe Road South – Silverhill. 1910.


Emmanuel Church – Vicarage Road. 1905.


From a lithograph of about 1850.


Githa Road, Clive vale. 1920.


Grosvenor Crescent & West Hill Road St Leonards. 1908.


Halton Barracks looking towards Frederick Road. 1903.


Havelock Road. 1911.


Hill Street – Old Town. 1904.


Manor Road. 1915.


Milward Road. 1959.


Milward Road. 1912.


Milward Road. 1948.


Milward Road. 1954.


Old London Road. 1901.


Outside The Fortune of War Public House – Priory Road. c1920  Probably no beer left now!


Southwater Road St Leonards. 1910.


St Georges Road. 1923. Mount Pleasant Road is in the distance.


St Mary’s Terrace. 1920.


Tackleway – Old Town. 1905.


Tackleway. 1905.


Tackleway. 1912.


Tackleway. 1915.


The Marina Inn – Corner of Caves Road and Sussex Road – Marina. 1922.


The original majestic pumping station building in Alexandra Park. Built in 1876.


The Pumping Station in Alexandra Park. 1910.


Tressider House – Wykeham Road – Hastings. 1910.


V. Godard Shoe Repairs – Corner of Emmanuel Road and Whitefriars Road . c1918.


Vicarage Road. 1912.


Victoria Avenue Ore. c1915.


View from West Hill, with the grammar school on the right hand side. 1920.


View looking West from the Castle on the West Hill. 1925.


Wellington Road. c1910.


West Hill. 1933.


West Hill Road – St Leonards. c1905.


West Hill Road – st Leonards. c1910.


West Hill Road – St Leonards. c1920.


WW1 Soldiers waiting to depart from Hastings Station. c1915. (How many of those poor soles never came back home?)


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