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White Rock Parade. 1900.


The old Lifeboat House on the Stade. 1903.


Just as the caption says. 1906.


A Drumhead Service in Alexandra Park. 1909.  (Just look at all the pretty hats the Ladies are wearing).


Drumhead service May 23rd. 1909.


Drumhead service again in Alexandra Park in 1909.

Drumhead service definition.  A religious service attended by members of a military unit while in the field.

Westerleigh School training small boys to be soldiers! 1911.


Children of Fishermen. 1912.


Mount Pleasant Church in 1914.


The talks from the bandstand on Hasting Pier by Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty RN, talking about the imminent war (ww1) about to start and how it will affect the country, this drew a rather large crowd on 30th July 1913.

Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty. RN


Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty inspecting recruits and old contemptible’s on parade at Station Approach.


Wallis Arthur’s Company performing in Alexandra Park. 1920.


Caroline Parade. 1922.


Pelham Place. 1923.


Hurst Court School on the Ridge. 1925.


Hastings coach station adjacent to the Town Hall, Queens Road in 1960. The single decker Trolley bus was taken away for restoration when the ground was vacated for the shopping centre.


As the caption states again. 1961.


Adelaide House  Grand Parade, Queen Adelaide. who was Queen Victoria’s aunt, the wife of William IV, stayed in this house during the winter of 1835-6.


Alexandra Park. 1910.


Class 2, Christchurch school, London Road. 1957. (Cold, hungry and didn’t really want our pictures taken!)


Convent Of Our Lady – Filsham Road. 1922.


Grand Parade. 1907.


Grand Parade & Eastern end of Marina. 1903.


Grand Parade looking East. 1909.


Grand Parade. 1903.


Grand Parade. 1904.


Grand Parade. 1904.


Grand Parade looking East. 1954.


Guy Fawkes day was celebrated on 5 November 1865 by about 50 St Leonards Bonfire Boys, marching round Bopeep, Maze Hill etc.


Mr Kyles of 76 manor road, BAKERS, attending his horses that pulled the delivery carts around the town.  1925.


Holding on to their Hats! – Grand Parade. 1909.


Marina. 1905.


Mount Pleasant Road. 1955.


No 11 Trolley Bus to Hollington on Grand Parade turning into London Road. 1955.


On the beach at Grand Parade. 1905.


Ore Village in Winter snow. 1908. (Fairlight Road is seen disappearing into the distance)


Outing Day – Beaconsfield Public House – Hughendon Road. 1913. (Looks as if they are going to have a good time with music from  some accordions!)


Queens Road, prior to any alterations, c1960.


Roxy at Silverhill. c1962.


Sea water flooding down Harold Place. 1911.


Silverhill Board School. 1911.


Silverhill School. 1920.


The Silverhill Board School as it was originally known was built on the corner of Sedlescombe Road North and Paynton Road in 1878. The name was changed to Silverhill Council School in 1903. When the new Silverdale Primary School opened nearby at Perth Road, the junior pupils moved to the new site, but the infants stayed in the original school buildings. The last group of pupils moved to the main site in 1970 and the original building was demolished. The site is now occupied by a block of flats which was built in 1975.


Again as the caption says for June 28th 1907. Precise location unknown!


Motor obstacle gymkhana. 1907. (At an unknown location at Hastings)


Carlisle Villa’s. 1905.


South Colonnade – Marina. 1906.


South Colonnade – Marina. 1903.


The Cleave.. High school for girls on the Ridge…now a new building renamed Helenswood. c1910. But even this is to be short lived come August 2018 when the school closes and the site is to be redeveloped as houses!!


Trams on Grand Parade. 1911.


Undercliff – Marina. 1904. (Notice the sign ‘British Hotel’ on the building in the background above Undercliff).


Uplands School. Which later became part of Hastings College, now in limbo as to know what to do with the buildings as they are Listed! A;though the main college buildings have been demolished opposite!


Wellington Place looking towards Castle Street. 1910.


West Marina tram on Grand Parade. 1908.


To the Editor of the Observer.

Sir, Mr. Coulson Kernahan’s rebuke of the Nonconformist minister for remaining seated in tram car whilst ladies were stand, is amusing, but I would like to ask: What about the manner in which ladies behave? One day last week I gave up my seat lady in a car on the Front. She forgot to say: “Thank you,” she kicked my leg several times because had to stand near her, and when I happened to touch her through the car lurching she merely remarked to friends “Clumsy great thing:’ The friend was little more polite. She said: “Well, he gave up his seat to you/ whereupon lady number one remarked: “No more than he ought!” I got out at the next stopping place, glad of the fact that the lady was unknown me, and pondering on the query: “Shall remain seated next time?”

Yours truly,



5 The Mount St Leonards. 1909.


Alexandra Park. 1933.


Carlisle Parade. 1906.


Carlisle Parade. 1907.


Carlisle Parade. 1914.


Guest house possibly Braybrooke Road. 1906.


Hastings & St Leonards Gas Co. Meter readers, fitters and Company Directors. 1918.


Pelham Crescent. 1935.


Robertson Street and Memorial. 1911.


Rock-a-Nore Road. 1935.


The beach in front the old lifeboat house at the stade. 1904.


Tram at Memorial. 1908.


Unknown Hastings School on a trip in 1912, look at the front row far right! the only girl in the group. Oh poor little thing!




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