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Grand Parade, St. Leonards. 1907.


Hastings Pier and Falaise Gardens. c1930.


Hastings Pier. Removal of decking during World War II. 1938. (Mind you, if the enemy did succeed in landing they could have jumped off the staging onto the beach, Yes?)


Hastings seafront. c1910.


High Street after a heavy fall of snow. 1909.


Highland dancing on Hastings pier. 1955.


High Mead, Brittany Road, St. Leonards. 1907.


Horntye Road, 1906.


Horntye Road, St. Leonards. 1907.


Magdalen Road and St. Margarets Terrace, St. Leonards. 1905.


Pevensey Road and St Johns Church. 1904.


Rough seas at Denmark Place, Hastings. c1905.


Maypole, York Buildings. 1912.


Roberson Street. 1906.


Shornden, Bohemia Road, St. Leonards. 1906.


St. Matthews Gardens, St. Leonards. 1906.


St. Matthews Gardens, St. Leonards. 1907.


St.Leonards Archway. 1895.


Stockleigh Road, St. Leonard. 1904.


The Beach. 1906.


Touring seaside troupe on Hastings Pier in 1923.


View of Hastings pier from seafront. 1902.


White Rock area 1906.


Yachts at Hastings. 1895.


5th Battery of the Royal Field Artillery – new recruits marching down St Paul’s Rd – 1914.


Around the Albert Memorial in 1907.


Our central bus terminal at Wellington Square c1955.


Coming out of Wellington Place. 1957.


Birdseye view of Bohemia with Park Road Wesleyan chapel centre, and Silverhill in the distance. 1910.


Bohemia Electric Theatre – Bohemia Road, 1902.


Bohemia Road looking north from the Wheatsheaf. 1905.


Bohemia Road. 1905. (4)


Bohemia Road. 1905. (5)


Bohemia Road. 1907. (6)


Bohemia Road. 1907. (9)


Bohemia Road. 1909. (1)


Bohemia Road. 1909. (2)


Bohemia Road. 1909. (10)


Waiting for the Tram – Bohemia Road. 1909.


Bohemia Road. 1910. (3)


Bohemia Road. 1910. (7)


Bohemia Road. 1954. (8)


Wellington Place. 1918. (Wellington Square on the right)


Central Cricket Ground off Queens Road. 1904. (South Terrace on the right behind the stand and pavilion)


Chapel Park Road. 1908.


Chapel Park Road. 1910.


Customers of The Dripping Spring Public House – Tower Road. 1922. (Of course the children had only a packet of crisps!)


East Kent Road Car garage on the Ridge to where Alsfords are now. 1960.


G. Gower Greengrocer – 114 Bohemia Road. 1908.


Horntye Road – c1905.


Horntye Road. 1910.


Lower South Road – 1906.


Magdalen Terrace Bohemia Road in 1910. (Today a petrol station and Lidls supermarket stand here.)


St Peters Church Bohemia. 1910.


Salisbury Road.  1908.


Salisbury Road. 1908.


Salisbury Road. 1908.


St Pauls Road.  1910.


St Pauls Road. 1910.


St Pauls Road. 1910.


The Bohemia Arms – Tower Road. 1912.


The Wheatsheaf Inn 172 Bohemia Road. 1908.


Tower Road West 1930.


Tower Road West. 1932.


Tower Road. 1906.



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