Yes, here we are on Pictures 14,

a bit of a mismatch as usual,

but nearly all early pictures. 


An early etching of Hollington Church in the Wood 1867.


Hollington Church in the Wood. c1910.






Ascent of the Victorian Balloon. 1851.


Looking across the Old Town in 1852.


Hastings Castle in 1854.


Looking across the Old Town from Minnis Rock on the East Hill. 1854.


Prince of Wales opening Alexandra Park. 1882.


Engraving of Hastings Pier. 1872.


Looking out to sea. Etching of 1857.


Line Fishing off Hastings. 1865.


Carlisle Parade. 1903.


Warrior Square. 1904.


Milward Crescent. 1907.


Net mending. 1842.


Part of the U118 submarine washed ashore at Hastings now under complete demolition looking like this is the only part left to chop up. c1920.


Proclamation of  King George V outside the Royal Victoria Hotel on May 9th 1910.


Proclomation of King George V outside the Town Hall in Queens Road. 1910.

Queens Road. 1906.


Great Storm of 1877 destroying the front of Hastings Pier.


Sun Lounge at Marina. 1932.


The Fashion of the 1930’s.


The Promenade on a wet day in front of the pier entrance. 1914.


Troops lining up in Cambridge Gardens. 1914.


White Rock Pavilion soon after completion in 1927.


White Rock Pavilion. 1930.


Yelton Hotel at White Rock. c1920.


From a print of Carlisle Parade dated 1852.


The board says all! 1895.


Carlisle Parade in 1904.


Eversfield  Place. 1906.


Again Carlisle Parade in 1909.


White Rock and a lot of artists on the prom too! 1912.


Old Humphreys Avenue below with Torfield across the valley from All Saints Church. 1929.


Hastings Pier with an excellent turnout to listen to the band playing in 1936.


Feeding the ducks in Alexandra Park. 1947.  


Hastings Pier. 1951.


Looking down onto the stade area of the Old Town in 1952. (Hey! and look a CAR PARK, that was!!)


All Saints Street, Hastings, showing the Stag Inn. c1920.


At the seaside, another happy little lot posing for the camera, and not getting paid for it either!! 1922.


Bathing Pool now trading as ‘Hastings Holiday Camp’! Absolutely bursting with people!! 1950.


St Leonards Bathing Pool in the days of when it was a Holiday Camp, picture taken June 1958. (Nearing its end!)


Beach from the pier. 1903.


Beach huts at St. Leonards. 1907.


Beach at Breeds Place. 1906. (The little chap here in front must have a cold and runny nose, poor chap!)


Carlisle Parade. 1903.


Oh look! even more happy faces at Carlisle Parade. 1924.


Carlisle Parade, Hastings. c1906.


Coronation Day fun and games on the seafront. 1911.


Bridge across a stream in Alexandra Park, Hastings. c1890.


Alma Villas, Silverhill. 1906.


Anglesea Terrace, St. Leonards. 1909.


Brittany Road, St. Leonards. 1907.


Dane Road, St. Leonards. 1907.


Denmark Place corner of Harold Place. 1912.


End of Hastings pier, people obviously waiting for the Paddle Steamer to arrive. 1948.


Grand Parade, St. Leonards. 1904. A group of children with their teacher Nun.



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