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Hastings Pier. From an old print by Rock & Co. London. I873.


Lime kilns on the site of Wellington Square, Hastings. c1800.


Marina, St.Leonards. From an old lithograph. 1845.


Marine Parade, Hastings. From a drawing by W G Moss. c1810.


Remains of the Sea Wall, Hastings. From a drawing by W G Moss. c1800.


Stewart’s Warehouse, Bexhill Road. c1885. Then, the sea was only a matter of feet away. Before it was demolished rings could be seen on the walls to where ships would tie up to.


Moss’s Guide of 1824.


Barry’s Guide of 1804.


Albion Street, Halton, Hastings. c1895.


Hurst Court Entrance. 1935.

Hurst Court pool, c1966.


John Street. 1914. Now Hastings Wall.


Thrasher whale the biggest ever caught. July 1914.


Marine Parade after a rough sea. 1914.


Milward Crescent. 1914.


Milward crescent from below. 1914.


Pelham Street. 1958.


Pevensey Road at the junction of Carisbrooke Road. 1923.


Plummer Roddis in Cambridge Road, from an H&SLO advert of 1941.


Plynlimmon Road. c1914.


Priory Road School.  c1930.


Priory Road. 1918.


Rock-a-Nore. 1911.


Rock-a-Nore. 1911.


Sedlescombe Road North looking up Junction Road when it was redeveloped in c1960. Now a complete disastrous mess up, and they plan to make it even worse!!


Installing the new Sewage outfall pipe at Rock-a-Nore. 1910.


St Georges Road. 1912.


Stanhope Place. 1927.


Vicarage Road. c1910.


Victoria Avenue. 1904.


‘W. H. Hobbs & Son’ Taken at Eversfield Place. c1900. (Looking like a carnival parade).


Wellington Square. 1905.


White Rock Parade in 1906.


It is with thanks to Leigh Kennedy who has named this location as St Pauls Road looking down to Bohemia Road. c1910.




Tram at the Memorial about to climb Cambridge Road. 1906.


Park Gates. 1907.


State visit of the Lord Mayor of London November 28th 1908. This is White Rock just about to enter Robertson Street by the Wellington PH.


Details state that this is at the end of his route at West Marina. 1908.


Alexandra Park yet again flooded in 1909, with the submarine log going under water!!


The Old Workhouse on Frederick Road in 1912, later to become St Helens Hospital, then housing estate!


Having a nice canoe ride on the lake in Alexandra Park.  1913.


Public Gardens at St Leonards. 1918.


The old lifeboat house on the stade in 1921. The boating lake now covers the beached area here.


How about a trip to the seaside? 1924.


Another happy looking bunch of presumably day trippers to the seaside! 1922.


Having a good time! Well for some I suppose! 1922.


Lovely day to relax on the beach. 1930.


White Rock Gardens. 1937.


Inside St Mary in the castle Church. 1952.


A good time lapse photo given that this was taken on a plate camera. 1908. It looks as if the camera shutters were left open for some time as there were many trams passing by the light trails, and the brilliance of the street lights that nearly finished up burning the plate in the camera!


One trolley bus entering Harold Road whilst another is heading for the High Street.  1955.


Feeding the ducks in Alexandra Park.  1910.


Boy Scouts, Empire Day Parade. 1912.


Busy, Busy Carlisle Parade. 1909.


Caroline Parade. 1908. (Sorry about the quality but no better image available at the time).


Caroline Place. 1935.


Entrance to Rock-a-Nore Road. c1948.



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