We have had quite a few people offer pictures to us over the past few weeks, but we are still in need of more, especially road scenes and the pictures to what people think are no good, but are marvellous!!


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Yachts 1890.


West Hill Road St Leonards (Bottom End). c1905.


Verulam Place in 1887. (Now Waverly Court)


Verulam Place and the Grand Hotel opposite the Pier. c1889.


Tower Road West. 1904.


The Mount St Leonards 1904.


The Mount 1901.


The first tram on a trial run 1904.


Sussex Marina Hotel showing entrance to Sussex Road. 1910.


Sussex Marina Hotel 1905.


stolidly watchful park keeper Gensing gardens. 1901.


St Leonards Pier 1899.


St Leonards Parade. 1904.


St leonards Bank 1899.


South Saxon Hotel St Leonards in 1859.


Roller Hockey on St Leonards Pier 1934.


Queens Hotel. 1913.


On the beach around 1845. (Artists impression)


Old London Road. c1890.


Norman Road. 1901.


Marina St Leonards. 1906.


Looking down the Old London Road. 1838. (Artists impression)


London Road. 1906.


Laying tram rails at Silverhill. 1904.


Kings Library on Kings Road. 1901.


Junction of Charles Road and Tower Road West. 1905.


Houses on pathway between Boscobel Road and Highland Gardens. 1904.


Hastings Pier awaiting the clock. c1925.


Hastings Pier and the Art Deco front. c1935.


Hastings from the West Hill. 1824. (Artists impression)


Happy Harold on the wires at Grosvenor Crescent in 1953.


Gardens at Warrior Square. 1906.


Flower seller at Marina. 1904.


Eversfield Chest Hospital on West Hill Road. 1905.


East Parade in 1899.


Don’t think anyone wants a ride in a bath chair today! 1905.


Church Road St Leonards. 1906.


Carlisle Parade. 1891.


Cambridge Road and Cornwallis Gardens with the Central Methodist Church. 1916.


Buchanan Hospital.  c1905.


At the foot of London Road St Leonards. 1909.


An artists drawing of the Albert Memorial clock tower in memory of Prince Albert. 1878.


All Souls Church Athelstone Road. 1904.


Blomfield photographers advert in c1902.


An aerial view of the completed Bathing Pool and the surrounding area. 1933.

The Bathing Pool at West Marina in 1933.


A simple map showing the railway layout at West Marina in 1909.


A near deserted Memorial Town Centre in 1890.


‘Theatre Staff have a Day in the Country’ – July 11th 1914 The Staff of the Hastings Gaiety Theatre.


79-85 Pevensey Road West. 1925.


Denmark Place. 1955.


A Sea Angling Festival at Hastings.  c1907.


Around the Memorial clock Tower. 1949.


Traffic chaos at the town centre in 1949.


At Rock-a-Nore to where the East Hill lift will be built. Picture dates as of 1854. The East well is still in place there today as seen in the picture.


Beach Terrace after a stormy sea in 1914.


Behind White Rock. 1914.


Bohemia Road. 1914.


Bohemia Road. 1914.


Braybrooke Road. 1925.


Carlisle Parade – the bench is inscribed ‘Hastings Local Board of Health’. c1890.


Caroline Place. 1909. It looks as if they are trying to widen the parade!


Caroline Parade now looking westwards on the same workings. 1909.


Denmark Place.  c1955.


Denmark Place. 1908.


Eversfield Place c1919.


Eversfield Place. c1910.


Eversfield Place. c1911.


Ford 2 ton van as supplied to R.T. Jones Grocers in 1950.


Githa Road. c1908.


Hastings Pier Entrance. c1932.


Hastings Pier Pavilion.  c1902.


Hastings Queens Road. 1905.


Hastings Station.  c1916.


Having a paddle at Eversfield Place. 1911.


Hughenden Road. c1904.



We will return in Pictures 13 as and when pictures become available.

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