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Hollington in 1904.


Caroline Place in 1904.


11 St Helens Road 1918, really don’t know the significance of this postcard.


Hastings Pier entrance in 1910.


A very busy promenade in 1912.


Love the Family Bathing machines, who goes first, the lady or the gent or both, the mind boggles! 1920.


This is long after the parade was extended in 1946, taken from the Castle grounds.


Lots of holiday makers eating candy floss and taking in the sun, mind you it looks rather chilly as nearly everyone have got their coats on! Must be an English summer!!  The date states this is 1955.


Christ Church at Blacklands. 1908.


Coghurst Hall Ore. 1920.


The Hermitage in Holmsdale Gardens. 1922.


The Hermitage, Holmsdale Gardens two years earlier in 1920.


Down for the day and taking in the fresh sea air and a good swim in the water. (after the picture of course!) 1920.


Footpath to Hollington Church in the wood 1921.


Hastings Pier c1938.


Hastings Pier on fire on 15th  July 1917. This was a photo not a postcard taken from White Rock Road.


A postcard advertising a Coal Dealer in Robertson Street, hand written. 1923.


Hastings Pier entrance with the Infirmary hospital opposite in 1903. Love the hay cart and the man on a very shallow ladder cleaning the street light. All passed by the Health & Safety Inspector!! (Probably his day off)!


High Street 1904. Notice the one piece ladder against the Town Hall, and the bottom part painted white so that any traffic would hopefully see it and not knock it down!


If you insist in standing there and you will get wet, if not soaked. 1908.


On Hastings beach having a paddle. 1919.


Pinehurst Ashburnham Road in Clive Vale c1919. Probably taken as a family request.


Railway Mission Convalescent Home on West Hill Road St Leonards. 1910.

Rock-a-Nore in 1946.


The Church of St Nicholas at Rock-a-Nore Road in 1920. Now converted into the Fishermen’s Museum.   This Church was built in 1854 at a cost of £529.00, it closed on the inset of war in 1939 and never reopened as a Church after hostilities ceased.   It was converted into a dedicated Fishermen’s Museum and reopened in 1956 and has remained so ever since.


White Rose troupe in 1907. They toured many a seaside location.


Although the caption states that these were cricket pitches, they were actually football pitches and games areas, you don’t have goal posts on a cricket pitch!! mind you taken from an aeroplane you can describe the area as whatever and get away with it!  1909. This area was part of White Rock Gardens.


Thought you might like to see the happy faces of the holiday makers caught out on camera by the beach photographer A.M.Breach taken in 1921.


More smiling faces! 1921.


Yep! more holiday makers 1921.


Last lot of holiday makers having a wonderful time in Hastings 1921. Oh the happy faces!!


Boarding Establishment 1913. (Possibly Marina!) Can’t all be staff! more than likely guests as well. (Unfortunately, there’s no indication as to what Boarding Establishment this is!)


Sedlescombe Road South Junction of Springfield Road 1920.


Stade 1903.


White Rock. 1910.


Prince of Wales coming out of the Town Hall after signing the book in 1927.


At Silverhill 1927.


On the seafront c1955.


Who’s side you supposed to be on! 1925.  (Presumably, the car has just come out of Robertsons Street whilst the Trolley Bus in making for Cambridge Road, but mind the motor cyclists!!) He certainly want’s people to know his number plates!


At the cemetery turning point in 1956.


On top of Happy Harold at the Bathing Pool in 1956.


Fishermen’s arch at the stade 1927.


Bowling greens at White Rock and the pier in 1929 taken of course from an aeroplane.


White Rock pleasure gardens 1929.


The pier and White Rock Pavilion 1931.


Royal East Sussex Hospital 1934.


Royal East Sussex Hospital and bowling greens at White Rock in 1934.

Main Post Office on Cambridge Road in March 1930. Taken by the GPO.


44 St Georges Road. c1907.


The bandstand at White Rock c1908.


Claremont. 1911.


Wounded Canadian Soldiers on the pier taking in the view and the sea air. 1916.


Memorial Clock 1923.


Having tea on the White Rock Theatre balcony. 1933.


Small breakdown truck issued to Hollingsworths in 1948.


Small delivery van issued to George Gilbert Flower seller in 1958.


Morris small furniture van as used by Fishers Furnishings Robertson Street. 1976.


St Helens Road 1960 vintage.


Baldslow Village hall and Church c1908.


A happy bunch of people enjoying themselves at the Bathing Pool in 1957.


Linton Gardens c1947.


Linton Gardens from the air. c1948.


Old Roar House, Old Roar Road.  c1953.


Pelham Place 1903.


Hastings Pier on fire July 15th 1917.


Alexandra Park. Please keep off the grass! Even the fishermen look a little concerned. 1908.


Prince of Wales officially opening the White Rock Pavilion 1927.


St Leonards Pier 1908.


The bridge at Bulverhythe Road linking Bexhill Road, notice the hill behind all of which is not there today! 1910.


More pictures will be added as soon as they become available to us.

We will be starting Pictures 11 shortly

with a collection of pre 1900 images.


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