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American Palace Pier, all illuminated with arc lights in 1910.


An aerial shot of Hastings Pier in 1931.


The Bathing Pool from the air also taken. 1933.


Marine Court as seen in 1947.


A glass plate showing All Saints Church and Tor-Field behind. 1904.


A tram approaching the bandstand at White Rock, but the bus didn’t stop long enough to stop the blurring. 1907.


A Floral Display in Alexandra Park depicting the WI with the Mayor Wilshin. c1957.


Albert Memorial. 1889. Taken from a glass plate.


Albertine and possibly the Skylark Yachts by the Queens Hotel. 1920.


All Saints Street looking up towards All Saints Church. 1923.


All Saints Street. 1912.


Bottom end of All Saints Street. 1902.


Cottage in All Saints Street, later to be taken over by the H.C.I.S. (Hastings Cottage Improvement Society). c1900.


Dignitaries being shown the Floral Clock at White Rock Gardens. c1956. PLEASE KEEP OFF THE GRASS!!


Drapers Mill, Silverhill. 1906.


Eversfield Place 1895. Taken from a glass slide.


Exmouth Place – Old Town. 1908.


Gattis Restaurant Claremont, pumping out the flooded basement. c1908. They tried to get the steamer inside but it wouldn’t go through the door!!


Warrior Square and the beach. Taken from a glass plate. 1895.


Grosvener gardens bowls lawns. 1920.


Grand parade on a windy day. 1911.


Hastings Old Town from the East Hill. 1927.


Horse Bus – Market Cross Junctions of Harold Road and Old London Road, otherwise commonly know as by the locals as ‘The top of the town’.  c1906.


Howard Swain stationers, Wellington Mews. Old negative. 1923. (Unless informed as otherwise known location!).


A crowd of onlookers in The Bourne after the visit of HRH Prince of Wales having their pictures taken after the event. 1927. The chap on the front row centre with the pipe is sitting on a ladies and gents legs, and they don’t look too happy about having to share 16 plus stone weight!


Hastings Invasion march along the Seafront. March 1909. Just try squeezing through that little lot…Ouch!


Just walking along the beach (with his shoes on, mummy will be pleased to see salt water stains on his leather boots!) towards the Old Town. 1885. Taken from a glass slide in sepia, we copied this in black and white for clarity purposes.


Light Steps – Old Town next to the Pump House. 1955. A street sweeper something of the past today?


Looking towards Bourne Street. 1902.


Marina. 1920.


Old Lifeboat House when the tide was out. 1895. Taken from a glass slide.


Original Lifeboat House when the sea came almost up to the door. 1894.


On the beach 1920.


Pelham Crescent and Parade with Beach Terrace to where the car park now occupies today. 1923.


Possible West Street in the Old Town. 1906. (Does anyone know different?).


Plylimon Road and Alpine Road on the West Hill. 1910.


Rock-a-Nore. 1895. Taken from a glass slide.


Royal Victoria Hotel in 1891.


The Albertine. 1912.


The George Inn – All Saints Street – Old Town. 1905.


The slopes down to the underground car park. 1947.


Warrior Square. 1890. Not much trade today in bathers!


White Rock and the bandstand with a little girl standing with her hands on her hips saying to the photographer, this alright mister!! 1914.


White Rock Band Stand. 1920. All squeeze in!


White Rock Parade and bandstand. 1920. What a happy bunch of people all smiling to have their picture taken……Where?


White Rock Gardens had a mini putting green, now Clambers. Pictures dates from about 1957.


White Rock bowls lawns. 1956.


And again.


High Beech. 1954. (1)


High Beech. 1954. (2)


High Beech. 1954. (3)


High Beech Gardnes. 1954. (4)


High beech main reception hall. 1954. (5)


The Lodge Grove Estate. 1911.


The Grove House.


The Grove.


The Grove Stables.


The Grove from across the fields.


View from the Grove looking South.


View from the Grove.


Carriage Drive.

The Grove Estate was offered up for sale at the Castle Hotel on 8th July 1911.



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