Hastings Trams

Hastings Tramways Company 1909 How the organisation is worked A peep behind the scenes Whatever form it takes, a public supply company must necessarily be a big concern. Few people, however, probably realise what a vast amount of labour the working of such an undertaking as the Hastings Tramways system involves, or the many ramifications … [Read more…]

History of Hastings Pier

 History of Hastings Pier Introduction The first seaside pier was built at Brighton in 1822. It was designed in the style of a suspension bridge and was known as the Chain Pier. It was intended purely as a landing stage for the coasting vessels bringing goods into the town before the railways came, then it … [Read more…]

How was ‘Marine Court’ built?

Marine Court, which was completed only this year (1938) greatly exceeded the cost originally estimated, and the final figure has been put in excess of £400,000. It was announced in the ‘Observer’ on July 23rd that “several changes had been made in the Board of Directors, and finances have been strongly reinforced to carry out … [Read more…]